Help with Federal Agencies

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If you are having a problem with a Federal agency, Senator Cantwell's office may be able to assist you. To request help from Senator Cantwell's office, please begin the process by completing and submitting the form below, contacting her Seattle or Spokane office or calling her Seattle office toll-free number at (888) 648-7328.

Please note: Any Washingtonian seeking assistance from Senator Cantwell's office will be required to complete, sign and return (by fax or mail) a case authorization privacy release form which gives Senator Cantwell's office your authorization to work with Federal agencies on your behalf. You can download the form here, print and sign it, and return it by fax or mail to one of the following:

915 Second Avenue Suite 3206
Seattle, WA 98174 
Fax: (206) 220-6404

U.S. Federal Courthouse
W. 920 Riverside, Suite 697
Spokane, WA 99201
Fax: (509) 353-2547

Veteran & Military Issues
950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 615
Tacoma, WA 98402
Fax: (253) 572-5879

If Other, please describe below.