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May 2015
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5/25/15 In the News: Editorial: Washington's Congressional Lawmakers Must Continue Progress on Trade Bills
5/22/15 In the News: Sen. Cantwell Turns Senate Divisions on Trade to Advantage
April 2015
Date Title
4/28/15 In the News: Lawmakers Question Zukunft on OPC Fleet, Icebreaker Funding
4/24/15 In the News: Cantwell Leading Efforts to Reinstate Expired Clean Energy Tax Credits
4/22/15 In the News: Editorial: Preserve Access To Outdoors
4/11/15 In the News: Sen. Cantwell Hears from Whatcom, Skagit Officials on Oil Train Safety
4/8/15 In the News: Cantwell: Act Now on Oil Trains
4/7/15 In the News: Cantwell, Fire Chiefs Pressing For More Regulation Of Oil Trains
4/6/15 In the News: Senators Try To Stop The Coming Oil Train Wreck
4/1/15 In the News: Sen. Maria Cantwell Promotes Oil Train Safety Bill
March 2015
Date Title
3/29/15 In the News: Lawmakers Aim to Toughen Laws on Oil Trains
3/25/15 In the News: Senate Dems Seek Stronger Oil Train Safety Rules
3/25/15 In the News: Senate Democrats Push White House on Oil Train Safety
3/25/15 In the News: 'Get Them Off Rails Now,' Sen. Cantwell Says of Some Oil Tank Cars
3/19/15 In the News: Gases in Oil Tank Cars: How Volatile, Cantwell Wants to Know
3/17/15 In the News: Cantwell Shows Support for Tri-Cities Airport Baggage System
3/10/15 In the News: Editorial: Federal Oil Train Rules Are Inadequate
3/6/15 In the News: A Third Blast on Oil Trains Stirs Scrutiny
3/4/15 In the News: New Bills Seek to Strengthen Crude-By-Rail Safety, Extend Short-Line Tax Credit
3/4/15 In the News: Cantwell Proposes Bill to Fast-Track Oil Train Safety Standards
3/4/15 In the News: Cantwell Prods Foxx On Oil Tank Car Regulations
3/3/15 In the News: Cantwell to Push Tougher Oil Train Rules
February 2015
Date Title
2/26/15 In the News: Finding Higher Ground, and Saving Live, if a Tsunami Hits: Editorial
January 2015
Date Title
1/28/15 In the News: Get Moving on Oil Train Safety Rules, Cantwell Tells Obama Administration
1/19/15 In the News: Sen. Maria Cantwell Meets With Seattle Tech Leaders on Net Neutrality Ahead of Key Hearing