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March 2015
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3/4/15 Cantwell Proposes Bill to Fast-Track Oil Train Safety Standards
February 2015
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2/26/15 In the News; Finding Higher Ground, and Saving Live, if a Tsunami Hits: Editorial
January 2015
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1/28/15 In the News: Get Moving on Oil Train Safety Rules, Cantwell Tells Obama Administration
1/19/15 In the News: Sen. Maria Cantwell Meets With Seattle Tech Leaders on Net Neutrality Ahead of Key Hearing
1/19/15 In the News: Sen. Cantwell Urges Support for Net Neutrality
December 2014
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12/3/14 Congress to Pro Sports: Toughen Up the Rules
November 2014
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11/19/14 In the News: Cantwell Demands FCC Take 'Forceful Action' to Protect Net Neutrality
11/19/14 In the News: Cantwell to FCC: No ‘toll lanes,’ Preserve Net Neutrality
11/19/14 In the News: Maria Cantwell: Net Neutrality Should be “Law of the Land”
October 2014
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10/22/14 Boeing Breaks Ground on 777X Wing Plant at Paine Field
10/9/14 Biden Hails Renton Tech as Vital Path to Reviving Middle Class
10/7/14 Improved Air Service to Yakima Gets Big Lift
September 2014
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9/16/14 Maria Cantwell Threatens to Strip NFL of Nonprofit Status
9/10/14 Good Arguments From Washington Lawmakers on Export-Import Bank
August 2014
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8/27/14 Cantwell Targets Small Business Loan Gender Gap
8/20/14 State's Women-Owned Firms Missing Out on SBA Loans, Federal Contracts
8/19/14 L'Ecole Winemaker, Senator Urge Continuing Export-Import Bank
July 2014
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7/31/14 Washington Senator Push to Keep Ex-Im Bank
7/30/14 Marine Industries at Risk on Both Coasts as Oceans Acidify
7/18/14 EPA Proposes Limits on Alaska's Pebble Mine Project
7/8/14 Cantwell, Murray to Boehner: Man Up and Let House Vote on Ex-Im Bank
May 2014
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5/13/14 In Our View: Get It Right on Oil Trains
5/12/14 Editorial: Pass Safety Laws for Oil Trains
March 2014
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3/21/14 Maria Cantwell Introduces Bill to Refurbish Aged Polar Sea Icebreaker
February 2014
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2/27/14 Weather forecasts can be lifesavers