Battelle gets green light for Smart Grid project

RICHLAND, Wash. -- The Department of Energy has given Battelle the green light on the Smart Grid project. Senator Maria Cantwell says $88 million in stimulus funds, plus another $90 million in private funds will help researchers study how electricity is distributed to homes and businesses.

The Smart Grid is a system of computers that tracks how much power is created, used, and when, with hopes of using less energy. The project out of Battelle is one of the largest in the nation.

Mike Davis, the Vice President at Battelle explains, "It involves 11 utilities, 2 universities, at least 5 vendors, 60,000 customers, 5 states."

Sen. Maria Cantwell says, "By infusing intelligence into the grid, we can make it more reliable, more efficient, and save consumers money."

Cantwell also says this five year study will create 1,500 jobs in the Northwest, 500 in Washington alone.