Federal Funding

Federal Funding

Thank you for your interest in federal funding opportunities. The projects that receive funding each fiscal year are the products of innovative partnerships, nonprofits, local governments and authorities, and community members who wish to make a real difference in their community.

Funds from federal grants allow Washingtonians to complete projects that address critical issues impacting their neighbors and peers across the state. Congress appropriates funds that support grants for a wide range of activities, including but not limited to: education, agriculture, clean energy deployment, broadband, transportation, environmental stewardship, community and economic development, and police and firefighter safety and training. I will share announcement of federal funding opportunities of interest to Washington State periodically on my website, as they are released.

These targeted investments represent less than one percent of total federal government spending. As such, funding from a federal grant is not easy to obtain as organizations and projects from around the country participate in a competitive and fair application process. 

The application process for federal grants can be complicated and arduous. This portal is designed to offer you a condensed and comprehensive view of the grant process that, combined with your vision and initiative, can produce results.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns regarding the grant process or if you would like me to advocate for your funding request with a letter of support.

Please select a grant type below to learn more.

Eligibility for federal grants is specific to the funding opportunity and varies among individual applications. Be sure to review all requirements before applying for a grant. Consider contacting the federal agency or local program manager that oversees the grant you are interested in applying for to discuss your idea and introduce the project early in the process.

Getting Started

A significant portion of grant funding is distributed by the federal government directly to state or municipal governments that are then passed on to sub-grantees for specific projects. The state or local governments set their own application criteria for block grants and manage their own competitions.

Multiple Washington state agencies and organizations delegate federal funds and manage their own grant programs.

Most federal grants are not applicable to individuals seeking financial assistance. Alternative sources of funding for individuals are available for personal needs, student loans, small business assistance, or other business opportunities such as government contracting.

Our office does not provide assistance for private companies, businesses, or individuals seeking funding or federal contracts. My Grant Coordinator is happy to speak with you regarding your need, however, and can answer any questions you may have about the grant process.

For tips on finding all types of grants and funding opportunities, please review the report issued by the Congressional Research Service: “Resources for Grantseekers” by Merete F. Gerli, August 15, 2014.