Biofueled 747 lands at Paris Air Show

By:  John Gillie / The News Tribune

The latest freighter version of Boeing’s 747 this afternoon completed a 4,300-mile flight from Everett to Paris powered by biofuel.

The 747-8F landed at Paris’ LeBourget Airport for display at the Paris Air Show, Europe’s biggest aerospace event. It joins its brother 747, the 747-8I, on the display stand at the show. The 747-8I is the passenger version of the latest generation of the jumbo jet.

Here’s a link to the video of the freighter landing in Paris.

The aircraft was fueled by a mixture of 85 percent petroleum-based jet fuel and 15 percent camelina oil produced from a plant cultivated in Montana.

The flight was the first long-range test of such a fuel in all four engines of the aircraft. Prior tests have burned biofuel in one engine.

Sen. Maria Cantwell lauded the demonstration flight. “Using domestically-produced renewable fuels to power our airplanes offers great economic opportunity for America,” Sen. Cantwell said. “Commercialization of biofuels can get our nation off of foreign oil, boost our own local economies, and reduce our carbon footprint. I applaud the effort of Boeing and other Pacific Northwest leaders to propel Washington state’s biofuel industry forward. Diversifying our nation’s energy sources will make us less dependent on foreign imports and ensure America can profit from the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century.”

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