Cantwell Demands FCC Take 'Forceful Action' to Protect Net Neutrality

By:  The Hill - Ramsey Cox
Source: The Hill

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) called on the Federal Communications Commission to protect an “open and fair Internet.”

“I’m calling on the FCC to take forceful action,” Cantwell said on the Senate floor Wednesday. “Strong net neutrality rules will help maintain the same Internet we have today.”

The administration has called on the FCC to ensure that the Internet is regulated, so providers cannot charge some companies more to deliver their content. Cantwell agrees with the sentiment that a tiered Internet system would harm consumers and the economy.

“Today we want to make sure the Internet is not under attack by those who want a pay-for-play system,” Cantwell said. “A strong, open Internet is one of the best ways to protect the competitiveness of the digital economy.”