Cantwell draws praise from Humane Society

By:  WAYNE PACELLE; President and CEO The Humane Society of the US
Source: The Olympian

The Humane Society of the United States thanks Sen. Maria Cantwell for outstanding leadership winning bipartisan enactment of a law to crack down on the cruel practice of shark finning - cutting the fins off sharks and tossing the mutilated live animals back into the ocean to die.  


An estimated 73 million sharks are killed this way each year, catering to the market for shark fin soup. This has led to a severe decline in shark populations worldwide and serious imbalances in ocean ecosystems that depend on these apex predators.

Thanks to Sen. Cantwell’s efforts, the new law closes loopholes that have allowed shark finning to continue despite an earlier ban passed in 2000. It also strengthens the U.S. hand in international negotiations to press other countries to pursue meaningful shark conservation.

We are grateful for her tireless work to address animal cruelty and protect natural resources.

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