Cantwell: Northwest Prepared for Nuclear Emergency

By:  Neema Vedadi, keprtv.com
RICHLAND -- In a press conference Saturday, Senator Maria Cantwell addressed questions about safety at Hanford and the Energy Northwest Nuclear Plant.

Cantwell says the Japan situation is a reminder of how important it is to be prepared for disaster.

On Saturday, she got in touch with Hanford clean-up officials and those at the nuclear plant.

She explained she's confident crews in the U.S. are fully-prepared.  "Energy Northwest has to have preparation plans and they have to meet standards before they get approval and those standards are in compliance.  We have well-prepared plans here in the Northwest to deal with these kinds of issues," said Cantwell.

Senator Cantwell was in town to voice her support for PNNL and against proposed budget cuts that could put 600 jobs at risk.