Cantwell says freight transport bill will help unclog freight bottlenecks

By:  John Gillie
Source: The News Tribune

Freight movement bottlenecks could be unclogged, transportation safety improved and air, water, road and rail transport made more efficient under new legislation recently introduced in Congress, said Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) told Washington port leaders today.

That legislation, introduced by herself, fellow Washington Sen. Patty Murray and New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, would improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure and improve the nation’s competitive stance, she told port executives from around the state gathered in Tacoma Friday.

“Generating growth in Washington’s vital trade economy depends on products moving efficiently from farm and factory to port and customers abroad,” said Cantwell  “With one in three jobs in Washington depending on trade, and with total national freight demand expected to double from today’s level by 2050, we need a system in place that allows our robust trade economy to grow as the global economy grows.

” The Freight Act will untangle bottlenecks in and around our ports, allowing imports and exports to move smoothly to and from ships on our road and rail systems while minimizing associated emissions. This legislation puts us on the road to a 21st century freight transportation system, ensuring our export economy remain among the strongest in the nation,” she said.

The new bill, if enacted, would offer local entities grants to improve their transportation infrastructure.  The bill would also help reduce emissions for freight transportation operations

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