Cantwell Says Grant Would Give Needed Boost for North Spokane Corridor

Senator Maria Cantwell and Spokane’s Mayor Condon implore the U.S. Department of Transportation to offer a grant for the North Spokane Corridor.

US Senator Cantwell says the corridor is the missing link in the Eastern Washington transportation system.

“In fact the North Spokane Corridor is my top project priority and so that’s why we are here today, to say that we want to see this funding.”

The 10.5 mile highway would connect to I-90, and Highway 395 and Highway 2 on the north end. Standing on the construction site Cantwell said she, Senator Patty Murray, and Representative Cathy McMorris-Rogers sent a letter asking the Department of Transportation to fund the project.

“We’re hoping we can have a decision from the secretary in the next month and that people could then move forward on engineering and planning work.”

The state Department of Transportation has workers on the ground, and is asking for an $18.5 million grant from their federal counterpart. Mayor Condon touts the corridor’s potential to shorten north-south trips by thirty minutes, to take cars off Spokane’s streets, and increase efficiency for moving freight.

So far the Washington’s department has raised a little less than half of the $1.3 billion needed for the project, according to their website. The department says the $18.5 million grant would keep things moving.