Cantwell: South Park Bridge Funding Completed With $34 Million Federal Grant

By:  kirotv.com


A $34 million federal grant announced Friday will complete the funding needed to build a new South Park Bridge, according to a news release on Friday from Sen. Maria Cantwell.

The TIGER II grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation is being hailed as the final piece in the replacement project, which is expected to cost about $130.8 million, Cantwell’s office said. The project could take two to three years.

"I congratulate Seattle and King County for their success in acquiring the federal funding necessary to replace the torn down South Park Bridge," Cantwell said. "Not only does this project provide immediate construction jobs, it will also ensure the long-term economic vitality of the South Park neighborhood by reopening a key commerce transportation route. The new bridge will improve transportation safety, decrease travel times, and speed the delivery of goods and services while contributing to area job growth and economic development for years to come."