Cantwell Will Vote Against Any Health Insurance Reform Bill That Limits Abortion Funding

By:  Eli Sanders
Source: The Stranger

After an event in the International District yesterday afternoon intended to highlight her efforts to take Washington's Basic Health plan national, Sen. Maria Cantwell sat down with a few local reporters to talk about the overall health insurance reform effort.

The house passed its reform bill on Nov. 7. On Saturday the senate voted to begin debate on its measure. As we wait for that debate to begin (after the Thanksgiving recess), I asked Cantwell what her red lines are going to be.

For example: Will she vote against any senate bill that includes language similar to the house's Stupak Amendment, which would limit federal funding for abortions? (Cantwell said she would.) And will she vote against any senate bill that lacks a public option? (Cantwell left herself a lot of wiggle room on that one.)

Not on the video: a prediction from Cantwell that the senate will finish debating and vote on this slow-moving measure by Christmas.