Conditions too dangerous to examine dock from Japanese tsunami ashore at La Push

Source: Seattle PI

Seattle PI - Jake Ellison

A large dock that landed ashore on the coast between LaPush and the mouth of  the Hoh River last night will not be examined by officials today because of  weather and sea conditions, said Dave Workman a spokesman for the Washington  State Department of Ecology.

However, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell said in a press release that the dock  was washed out to sea in the March 2011 tsunami that devastated large parts of  Japan. The researcher who identified the dock as tsunami debris was working  under a RAPID National Science Foundation grant.

According to initial estimates, the dock is 60 feet long, 19 feet wide, 7  feet tall, and weighs at least 188 tons, Cantwell's office said in the  release.

"I applaud the U.S. Coast Guard and state and federal officials for working  around the clock to locate and respond to the threat posed by this tsunami  debris, as well as the Quinault Indian Nation for their assistance with  monitoring and response," Cantwell said. "While officials continue to respond to  the situation, it is important to monitor for any invasive species that may be  attached to the dock and threaten our marine life.