Lawmakers speak out about Lakewood police shooting on Senate floor

By:  Les Blumenthal
Source: The News Tribune

WASHINGTON – Washington state’s two senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, were just on the Senate floor talking about the “senseless and brutal” slayings of four Lakewood police officers.

Interrupting the debate over the health care bill, Murray said, “these were officers, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives who woke up everyday, put on their uniforms and went out to protect our children, our communities and our safety. And Sunday, they didn’t come home.

“No words are adequate to express the shock, anger and disbelief that comes with such a brutal crime. And no words will be enough to lessen the loss.”

Cantwell said “the senseless tragedy that claimed the lives of these four officers Sunday – the deadliest police shooting in Washington state history – reminds us of the risk that police officers take every time they put on a badge.”

Cantwell said that people should go up to policemen and thank them for the jobs they do.

Two Washington state representatives, Democrat Norm Dicks and Republican Dave Reichert, are expected to ask the House to observe a minute of silence tonight in memory of the four officers. Dicks, Reichert and other Washington state lawmakers are also expected to introduce a resolution Wednesday to honor the officers.