Maria Cantwell confronts FCC over repeal of net neutrality

By:  Brittany Perry
Source: KING 5 News

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to confront the Federal Communications Commission about its repeal of net neutrality protections. 

Cantwell, the top Democrat on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, criticized the FCC for putting corporate interests before American consumers. 

"Just last week, Comcast was ordered to pay $9.1 million in fines for deceptive practices that affected 50,000 Washingtonians," Cantwell said. "And since the repeal of net neutrality, some wireless and broadband companies already appear to be testing ways to undermine the free and open internet. Wireless carriers have been accused of potentially throttling subscribers to Netflix and YouTube, CenturyLink temporarily blocked access to the internet in Utah to force consumers to watch ads...Sprint allegedly interfered with competitive Skype services using wireless networks."

Cantwell's remarks come a day after she took to the Senate floor to demand a vote on reinstating net neutrality protections.