Secretary of the Interior visits Hanford

By:  Chloe Beardsley, Reporter KNDU.com
Source: KNDU

HANFORD, Wash.-- Secretary of the Interior visits Hanford. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar met with state politicians. They're in the process of creating legislation so the B Reactor is open to the public.

Earlier this year Secretary Salazar sent a special resource study to Congress recommending the creation of the New Manhattan National Park Project.

Salazar was joined by Governor Chris Gregoire, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell and Congressman Doc Hastings.

Today they all took a tour of Hanford. All four are in support to make the B Reactor part of the National Parks System.

Senator Maria Cantwell says "making it a national historic park. We're going to be able to tell the whole story. The story of the atomic workers, and the risks that they took. The story of unbelievable science and engineering. The history of our country and the history of Hanford."

We were told opening B Reactor to the public would not only educate people but also bring in lots of revenue for Tri-Cities.

Secretary Ken Salazar says "all this really is about jobs. It's about jobs here when you think about a national park potentially being designated here. It will mean that it will bring heads to the beds to this county to this community."

The National Parks System with Hanford would also include facilities in New Mexico and Tennessee.