Sen. Cantwell promotes bill to help state ski areas

By:  http://www.kndo.com

The Summer doesn't have to be a quite time for ski areas according to Senator Maria Cantwell.

She's promoting a bill to help ski areas bring in people all year around. The idea is to promote more activities, including mountain biking, hiking, or simply enjoying more scenic viewing time regardless of the month.

 The bill could affect eight ski areas on federal lands in Washington State, including Ski Bluewood and White Pass.

  Cantwell says attracting visitors year-round could bring in more money to our state through tourism.

"The end result of that is you can have commercial activities, create jobs and provide recreational opportunities for people, so it's a win-win situation" Cantwell said over a phone interview.

Recently Ski Bluewood workers have talked about ways to bring people in during summer months. White pass workers say they're still working on construction during the summers, but deem it to be a good idea to bring new activities to life.