Sen. Cantwell Pushes New Federal Anti-Bullying Bill

By:  Neema Vedadi, keprtv.com
TRI-CITIES -- KEPR is staying on top of new plans to stop bullying in our schools.  Senator Maria Cantwell is one of several co-sponsors of a bill to shore up anti-bullying programs in schools -- called the "Safe Schools Improvement Act."

"We hope in communicating to schools we can make sure they have the resources and understand how important this is making sure they use the resources in the community that are available to them," Sen. Cantwell told KEPR.

We checked to see how this may affect districts here in the Tri-Cities.
All three told us they already have a comprehensive anti-bullying program.

Kennewick doesn't expect to make any changes if the bill becomes law.  Richland said it's too early to tell.  Pasco said if the act passes, it will make some changes to its anti-bullying rules by August.

We took this story one step further and checked on bullying stats in our schools.  KEPR found in the last school year, Pasco suspended 199 kids for bullying. Richland suspended 118, and in Kennewick 104.