Sen. Maria Cantwell discusses expanding housing tax credit

By:  Kathleen Jacob
Source: KEPR

WALLA WALLA, Wash. --Senator Maria Cantwell held a round table at the Veteran's Medical Center to discuss the housing tax and help the growing number of homeless in our region.

In our state, almost 170,000 extremely low income families do not have access to affordable housing. In Walla Walla there are only eight affordable homes for every 100 low income households, one of the lowest numbers in the state.

Senator Cantwell heard from people benefiting from the low income housing tax and discussed expanding it to help more people.

"I believe in the peace and the love and the mercy and the freedom and the justice and unity of people coming together to help each other and thank everyone that has helped me find a place to live," said a Marine Corps veteran benefiting from the housing tax.

Senator Cantwell is proposing a 50% increase in the annual amount of tax credits given out that would lead to almost half a million homes nation wide, and almost 400 more in Walla Walla.