Senator Touring Yakima Plant To Urge Extension of Jobs Program

KIT Radio - Lance Tormey

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) toured a Yakima music stand manufacturing and called for Congress to immediately reauthorize a key job creation tool that enables Washington-made products to be shipped worldwide.

Cantwell toured Manhasset Specialty Company in Yakima, which utilizes the Export-Import Bank to export music stands around the world. Unless Congress acts before May 31, the Export-Import Bank will be forced to stop its assistance to U.S. exporters. The Export-Import Bank supports 83,000 jobs in Washington state, including supporting more than $15 million in sales from nine Yakima County companies over the last five years. With one in three jobs dependent on trade, Washington would be the hardest hit state in the country if the bank is not reauthorized. The bank’s closure would threaten export deals for Manhasset – which employs 18 people in Yakima – and for more than 100 other companies in Washington state.

Cantwell introduced a bipartisan amendment in March to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank for four years.