Cantwell Addresses Humanitarian Crisis In Puerto Rico At Energy And Natural Resources Hearing

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Maria Cantwell (D-WA) called attention to the role of the federal government in Puerto Rico’s disaster recovery: 

During opening statements Senator Cantwell said, “I want to start with the crisis in Puerto Rico and how much we need to continue to be vigilant with the help and assistance in Puerto Rico. They are a U.S. Territory and we need to make sure that they get every bit of assistance and focus from the federal government possible.” 

“I’ve called on the administration to create a position at the White House to make sure every agency, not just FEMA, but every agency is working to help us coordinate what will be a very long response to Puerto Rico,” said Senator Cantwell. “So thank you for your statement this morning [Chairman Murkowski] and your focus on this as well. You are always reminding people you were born in a territory and you remember that that’s such an important aspect of our responsibilities as a nation and so thank you for your willingness to be very, very focused on Puerto Rico.” 

“I’ve encouraged Senator Hatch to do the same thing given that there are so many things in the Finance committee as it relates to health care for Puerto Ricans and where we are already going to be in this situation so hopefully we can all unite in what will be support for American citizens who are in a very desperate situation.”   

The video of Senator Cantwell’s opening statement can be found here.

Witness testimony will be available online immediately before the start of each hearing at on committee website.