Cantwell Announces $7.8 Million for Yakima and Tri-Cities Included in Omnibus Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) announced that 40 grants for grassroots programs she supported in Washington state are included in the final version of the Fiscal Year 2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, sending a total of $51.7 million to the state. Of those, four projects were included for Yakima, Franklin, Adams, and Lincoln counties, sending a total of $7,802,000 to the region. The bill also includes billions in nationwide investments that are likely to benefit Washingtonians.

The House passed the Omnibus appropriations bill Wednesday, and the Senate passed it yesterday evening. It now goes to President Biden’s desk. 

Notably, the FY 2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill includes funding for the Martin Luther Community Center in Pasco, the East Adams County Rural Healthcare Mobile Clinic, and the Odessa Groundwater Replacement project.

“These grassroots projects are investments in our future,” said Sen. Cantwell. “Generations of kids and community leaders will gather at the Martin Luther King Community Center in Pasco. The East Adams County Rural Healthcare Mobile Clinic will save lives in remote areas while investing in telehealth infrastructure to more easily connect patients with their doctor. And we’re helping Columbia Basin farmers by advancing the Odessa Groundwater Replacement project, which will make sure potatoes and other crops stay irrigated.”

Below is a table of all Cantwell-supported Yakima, Franklin, Adams, and Lincoln County projects that received funding in the H.R. 2471, FY 2022 Omnibus Appropriations bill. A comprehensive press release on all Washington projects is available HERE. A list of all Washington state projects is available HERE. The full bill text is available HERE.

Project Name


Amount Received


Martin Luther King Community Center


$3 million

To renovate the Martin Luther King Community Center in East Pasco to create an ADA compliant building with improved meeting space and resources that are used by all local groups.

East Adams Rural Healthcare Mobile Clinic



To create a new mobile health clinic and invest in telehealth infrastructure to serve underserved and remote areas in Adams County.

Odessa Subarea

Columbia River Basin

$500,000 (plus $1.5 million in non CDS funding for total of $2 million)

This would begin the design process on additional systems required to implement Reclamation’s preferred alternative for the program, which has a positive benefit/cost ratio allowing Reclamation.

Wapato Irrigation Project – Parton Drain Pumping Plant

Yakama Reservation

$950,000 (plus $1.04 million in non CDS funding for total of $1.99 million)

The Wapato Irrigation Project (WIP) is a Tribal Irrigation Project that currently has over $100 Million dollars in deferred maintenance. Due to ongoing lack of maintenance, the project suffers from irregular deliveries and sometimes system failures.