Cantwell Applauds Adidas Decision to Help High Schools Drop Native American Mascots, Nicknames

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Maria Cantwell applauded the decision by Adidas to provide free design resources and financial support for new uniforms to help high schools drop Native American mascots, nicknames, imagery and symbolism.

“There is no room for intolerance and discrimination in our schools and communities. Adidas’ decision today shows leadership in breaking down barriers to achieve diversity and inclusion. I hope other companies take a page from their playbook,” said Senator Cantwell

In 2014, Senator Cantwell introduced legislation that would revoke a tax-exemption for the National Football League if it continued to promote the current name of its Washington, D.C. franchise. The NFL later gave up their tax exempt status voluntarily.

Adidas’ statement on their decision can be found here.