Cantwell Tours Applied Sciences Laboratory, Says Research Partnerships Aid Area Businesses, Create Jobs

SPOKANE, WA – Today, U.S Senator Maria Cantwell toured Washington State University’s Institute for Shock Physics’ Applied Sciences Laboratory (ASL) with lab officials, discussing how the lab’s innovative research capabilities enhance continued collaboration with local businesses. ASL is a multidisciplinary, contract research organization that undertakes a broad range of applied research projects for government agencies and corporations, including the development of commercial applications. It was started in 2004 with support from the Office of Naval Research.
“The research initiatives pioneered by ASL in cooperation with local businesses create the potential for commercialization of new technological innovations that will provide for a stronger economy and job growth in Spokane and the region,” said Senator Cantwell.  “The Lab’s cutting-edge work plays a key role in helping to develop the clean energy technologies we need to reduce our nation’s dangerous overdependence on fossil fuels.”
ASL receives $4 million dollars every year in external funding for research, primarily from federal agencies, and uses these funds in partnership with local companies including Avista, ReliOn and Itron. Through collaborative work with these local businesses, ASL’s physical sciences and engineering workforce apply their research for the advancement of practical, real world applications.
ASL has 18 scientific staff members who specialize in material sciences, chemistry, and computational modeling. These scientific disciplines aid development of technologies related to energy, national security and advanced materials production.  In working with businesses in the Eastern Washington area, ASL and partnering organizations continue to promote job creation in the region and increase the application of better performing biofuels, fuel cells and super capacitors that will aid in developing clean energy technologies.