Senators Murray, Cantwell Working to Pass Senate Resolution Denouncing Unfair Aerospace Trade Policies

WASHINGTON , D.C. – U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell will speak on the Senate floor today on a resolution that calls on European governments to reject launch aid for Airbus and supports the President's authority to take any action necessary to protect American aerospace jobs. The Senate is expected to vote on the resolution this afternoon.

The senators introduced the resolution based on the need to level the playing field for fair global aerospace competition. Despite Airbus' status as the current leading manufacturer of large civil aircraft with more than fifty percent of the market share, the company continues to receive market distorting subsidies and engage in unfair trade practices which are undermining the U.S. aerospace industry and American jobs.

"In Washington state, we know how important the American aerospace industry is to our economy and our communities – we know that these jobs are worth fighting for," Senator Murray said. "I am proud to support this Senate resolution to send the message that the United States is going to take aggressive action to level the playing field for our industry and our workers."

"The United States cannot stand by while the EU stalls discussions about launch aid. Our domestic companies should not have to compete against the backing of European governments, against the deep pockets of governments that distort the global marketplace. Obviously, launch aid puts our domestic manufacturers at an unfair competitive disadvantage. What we want to see in aerospace is competition that drives opportunities for the consumers," Senator Cantwell said.

Today marked the end of a three month negotiation period between U.S. and European officials who are working to solve the recent trade dispute and avoid proceedings through the World Trade Organization. Those talks have produced no real progress despite claims that they may continue.

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