Academy Application Instructions

Academy Application Instructions

 Application Deadline is November 1, 2018

Introduction to Academy Nominations  

To receive an offer of appointment to the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Military Academy or Merchant Marine Academy an applicant must obtain a nomination from an official source. There are many nomination sources and applicants are encouraged to apply to ALL available sources. Sources include a U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator and the Vice President of the United States. Additional information for other sources of nomination an applicant may be eligible for can be found on the specific academy’s admission website.

United States Senators are able to nominate applicants living in any part of the state they represent. (An applicant who is stationed abroad with family but holds domicile in the state of Washington is still eligible to apply for a Washington State nomination.) Each Congressional office uses a selection process designed to meet its own needs and standards. It is imperative to strictly follow the specific instructions of each office. The nomination process and your academy application are separate processes; however, they should be accomplished simultaneously.

Basic Requirements for Eligibility  

Applicant must:

1. Be at least 17 years old and not passed their 23rd birthday on July 1st of the year that the applicant would enter the academy.

2. Be legally domiciled in the state of Washington (i.e., where applicant or parent(s) are registered to vote).

3. Be a citizen of the United States by the time applicant enters the academy.

4. Be unmarried, not pregnant and have no dependents.

5. Have an open and complete (or almost complete) admissions application at the service academies that the applicant seeks a nomination.

Nomination Application Requirements  

1. Online Nomination Request Form. (May only be submitted once, any changes or updates to information submitted on the form must be sent directly to the Senator’s Academy Coordinator in Seattle.)

2. Official SAT or ACT scores sent directly to office from testing agency. Senator Cantwell office codes are 0227 for the SAT and 7193 for the ACT.

The following items should be sent together in a single envelope or package to Senator Cantwell's Seattle office:

3. Sealed and certified copy of high school transcript and any/all post high school education transcripts.

4. A one to two page descriptive list of extracurricular activities, volunteer work, job experience and leadership roles.

5. Three to Four Letters of Recommendation. These must be the same individuals that are listed as references on the Online Nomination Request Form. Letters must have contact information (phone number, mailing address and e-mail address), and be hand-signed and sealed in individual envelopes.

6. Wallet size photo of applicant. Ensure name is printed clearly on the back of photo.

Nomination Selection Process 

Competitive nomination selections are based on academic and leadership potential, extracurricular activities, physical fitness, personal recommendations, strength of character, ability and desire to lead, compassion towards others, perseverance through hardship, motivation to attend the academy and a realistic understanding of academy life and military challenges. These should be communicated as best as possible through a personal essay and letters of recommendation. To an extent, motivation can be judged by a candidate's diligence in completing his/her file, which is one reason those with incomplete or late nomination application files are not considered for nominations.

The Nomination Review Board will consider all submitted documents and make their recommendation to the staff for final review and approval.

Applicants will receive a letter from the Senator notifying them of their nomination status by February 28, 2019.

Service Academy Contact Information  

United States Air Force Academy

Admissions Office
2304 Cadet Dr, Ste 2300
USAF Academy, CO 80840-5651
(800) 443-9266

United States Military Academy

Admissions Office
606 Thayer Road
West Point, NY 10996-9902
(845) 938-4041

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Admissions Office
300 Steamboat Road
Kings Point, NY 11024
(516) 726-5646

United States Naval Academy

Admissions Office
52 King George St
Annapolis, MD 21402
(410) 293-1858