10.27.20 Cantwell unveils report on threats to local news ahead of tech CEOs’ Senate testimony
10.27.20 Lawmakers Want to Protect Local Newspapers From Google, Facebook
10.27.20 Report released by Sen. Maria Cantwell slams Google and Facebook for decimating local news outlets
10.26.20 Washington Sen. Cantwell: Amy Coney Barrett will ‘chip away at the rights of American women’
09.18.20 TSA would screen travelers for fever under new legislation proposed in the Senate
07.22.20 Washington state expected to get millions more for parks, forests as Congress approves conservation bill
07.03.20 Cantwell amendment foils attempt to raid Hanford cleanup money for military weapons
06.01.20 Members of Congress to unveil bipartisan bill to regulate contact-tracing apps, fearing potential privacy abuses
05.19.20 Editorial: Federal guidelines on air travel are needed
05.18.20 ‘Clear, uniform, national’ coronavirus guidelines needed for U.S. air travel, Sen. Cantwell says
05.14.20 Cantwell leads bipartisan call to relax rules that blocked Washington papers from federal loans
03.19.20 Amid coronavirus response, Congress must support parks and open-space fund
02.21.20 Spokane Tribe celebrates federal compensation for damage caused by Grand Coulee Dam
02.04.20 North Central student earns a trip to Capitol for State of the Union speech
02.03.20 Sen. Cantwell says election interference ‘the issue of our day’
12.19.19 NAS Whidbey jet noise to be monitored
12.18.19 Senate report faults safety commission for failures related to dangerous baby products, elevators
12.17.19 Congress votes to compensate Spokane Tribe millions for lands flooded by Grand Coulee Dam
12.05.19 Editorial: Shopping online? It’s time lawmakers join Cantwell’s efforts to protect your privacy
12.01.19 Editorial: Fix the unfair trade-war farm bailouts
11.26.19 Top Senate Democrats unveil new online privacy bill, promising tough penalties for data abuse
11.26.19 Senate Democrats unveil privacy bill with fines for privacy violations
11.24.19 Editorial: Summit in sight for two parks funding bills
11.21.19 Washington lawmakers honor Sounders FC
11.20.19 Senate committee passes Savanna's Act, sending it to full Senate
11.12.19 Washington senators slam USDA over unequal farm payments in bailout
11.06.19 Spokane International Airport receives federal grant to build rail, freight project
11.04.19 State lawmakers push for final approval of Federal Way Link Extension funding
10.24.19 ‘Atmosphere of abuse and mistreatment’: Lawmakers call for investigation of solitary confinement at Tacoma detention center
10.15.19 City receives federal funding for accessible playground
10.07.19 Senators seek reauthorization of program funding
09.27.19 Runway extension to take wing
09.26.19 Senator Cantwell calls for fishery disaster funding reform
09.26.19 Sen. Cantwell announces $2.7M grant for runway extension at Auburn Municipal Airport
09.25.19 Everett Fire Wins SAFER Grant to Add Staff at Everett’s Busiest Firehouse
09.23.19 FAA gives Grant County International Airport $9.9M grant for improvements
09.23.19 Bill would repeal Trump ESA rule changes
09.23.19 Katerra opens $150 million manufacturing facility in Spokane Valley
09.20.19 Inslee, Cantwell attend ribbon cutting for cross-laminated timber factory in Spokane Valley
09.18.19 Editorial: Harm to science is more than just a Sharpie revision
09.10.19 A last-ditch bid to keep Big Oil out of Arctic Wildlife Refuge
09.10.19 Cantwell wants hearings on political pressure on scientists
09.09.19 State Senators Cantwell and Murray, Rep. Kilmer denounce cutting of NBK project
09.04.19 Senator Cantwell Announces Wenatchee Valley Housing Grants
09.04.19 Historic groundbreaking for Lynnwood light rail extension
08.28.19 Cantwell Announces $2.31M in New Housing Grants for Olympia, Thurston County
08.27.19 Sen. Cantwell announces $225K grant to bolster economic development for Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties
08.27.19 Cantwell Announces NCW Economic Grant
08.25.19 Good news in the fight for affordable housing
08.20.19 ‘The lack of affordable housing is actually costing us’: Cantwell promotes affordable housing bill in Spokane
08.20.19 Formerly homeless woman stands by Sen. Cantwell in push for affordable housing
08.20.19 Housing Crisis Centers on Spokane’s Browne’s Addition
08.20.19 Vancouver Opens New Housing For Homeless Youth, Teens Aging Out Of Foster Care
08.20.19 New Homeless Youth Housing Center Opens In Vancouver
08.19.19 Cantwell pushes affordable housing in Vancouver visit
08.19.19 Youth homeless housing opens in Vancouver
08.16.19 Cantwell, DelBene push big increase in affordable housing tax credits
08.15.19 Cantwell, DelBene push big increase in affordable housing tax credits (Seattle Times)
08.15.19 Congressional lawmakers, local leaders push for federal dollars for affordable housing
08.15.19 Cantwell and DelBene push for expanding Affordable Housing Tax Credit
08.15.19 Washington lawmakers looking to expand the Affordable Housing Tax Credit
07.25.19 USDA reveals details of relief for cherry growers affected by Chinese tariffs
07.24.19 Federal grant pushes Union Gap truck route closer to reality
07.23.19 Senator calls for inquiry into CPSC over home elevator accidents
07.15.19 Cantwell announces $1.6M in new affordable housing grants for Richland, Kennewick
07.11.19 A new bill would compensate the Spokane Tribe for lost land
07.05.19 Sen. Maria Cantwell calls on U.S. Forest Service to address wildfire concerns
07.05.19 Senators Cantwll and Murray want more staffing at Sea-Tac
07.03.19 Wash. Sen. Cantwell calls on Acting DHS Secretary to testify on detention centers
07.02.19 Lawmakers, doctors and patients in Seattle voice support for Affordable Care Act
06.27.19 Editorial: Give nation’s parks, public lands funding intended
06.27.19 In Our View: Permanently pay for vital conservation fund
06.26.19 U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell calls for full funding of Land Water Conservation Fund
06.26.19 Cantwell, Smith secure $9.1 million for Noise Mitigation in Highline Public Schools
06.24.19 Cantwell calls for new fire technology use
06.17.19 Seattle will be home port for new class of icebreakers
06.17.19 Infusion of federal money propels Meadowdale Beach project
06.15.19 Senator Cantwell talks at hearing about wildfire technology
06.13.19 Cantwell: ‘We want to use every resource that we can’ to fight wildfires
06.12.19 Maria Cantwell confronts FCC over repeal of net neutrality
06.11.19 Washington Sen. Cantwell calls on Senate to act on net neutrality
06.09.19 Sen. Maria Cantwell: Export-Import Bank’s renewal vital to America’s success
06.06.19 Tacoma suffragette gets special recognition from Senator Cantwell
06.05.19 Washington’s Newhouse, Cantwell take steps to block Job Corps closures
06.04.19 Sen. Cantwell wants to double funds for affordable housing in Washington
05.25.19 Cherry growers, dairies welcome USDA aid
05.23.19 Cantwell, Newhouse Secure Win for Cherry Growers Hurt By Retaliatory Tariffs
05.21.19 Senators: Don’t sell BPA
05.16.19 Senator raises concerns about 5G interfering with weather satellites
05.14.19 Cantwell calls for new IHS clinic
05.09.19 Editorial: Congress should not delay in passing Savanna's Act
05.02.19 New Legislation Protecting Roadless Rule is Key for Preserving America's Forests
04.30.19 Methow Valley residents gather to celebrate bill protecting the Methow Headwaters
04.27.19 Net neutrality crucial for modern health care, Cantwell and DelBene argue
04.26.19 When internet access is life or death: Officials visit Seattle hospital on net neutrality campaign
04.25.19 'Little museum' in Seattle designated National Nordic Museum
04.24.19 Senator Maria Cantwell visits Hanford site to talk President Trump's proposed budget cuts
04.24.19 Worries about Hanford job losses, cuts and contract changes is creating plenty of angst
04.24.19 Hanford faces possible funding cuts in 2020 budget; Sen. Cantwell tours impacted areas
04.24.19 Sen. Cantwell speaks out against Trump's proposed Hanford budget cut
04.21.19 Commentary: Congress scores win for our nation’s public lands
04.16.19 Cantwell questions Forest Service chief on fires
04.04.19 Mountains to Sound Greenway becomes national treasure
04.03.19 State gains new protections through public land act
04.01.19 Senators call for reversal of fire prevention cuts
03.23.19 Scientists getting new tools to monitor volcanoes
03.21.19 Trump signs Cantwell bill requiring new wildfire technology, smoke forecasts
03.20.19 Cantwell, Newhouse visit Valley to celebrate funding authorization for Yakima Basin water initiatives
03.15.19 Nordic Museum now known as National Nordic Museum
03.13.19 Monumental lands package shows Trump, Dems and GOP can get along
03.12.19 Federal lands bill creates National Heritage Area from Seattle to Ellensburg
03.11.19 More than one-third of US volcanoes are under-monitored. Congress is noticing
03.07.19 Washington delegation pushes for apples to Japan
03.06.19 Dems move to reinstate net neutrality nationwide, allow states to keep their own open internet laws
03.05.19 State congressional delegation: Open Japanese markets to Washington apples
02.26.19 Massive public-lands bill passes Congress with big implications for Washington state
02.26.19 House passes public lands bill seen as a win for conservation
02.20.19 Massive public lands bill expected to receive easy approval in the House
02.17.19 Bipartisan public lands legislation shows Congress can actually work
02.12.19 Senate backs major public lands, conservation bill
02.12.19 Public-lands bill gives boost to volcano warning, monitoring systems
02.12.19 The Senate just passed the decade’s biggest public lands package. Here’s what’s in it.
02.08.19 Legislation targets missing and murdered indigenous women epidemic
02.08.19 Editorial: Hope for public lands in Senate package of bills
02.06.19 5G networks must be secured from hackers, bad actors, US senator says
01.28.19 Cantwell part of 2nd attempt to pass law focusing on murdered, missing Native women
01.28.19 Cantwell helps reintroduce legislation regarding missing, murdered indigenous women
01.14.19 Cantwell, Murray among Dems pressing Trump to end shutdown so wildfire preparations, training can begin again
12.20.18 Federal money for Lynnwood light-rail extension is locked in
12.17.18 Timber Innovation Act heads to president’s desk
12.14.18 New earthquake bill from Sen. Cantwell ‘critical to Washington state’
12.13.18 Trump signs bill that likely keeps early earthquake-warning system on track in Northwest
12.11.18 Cantwell Pushes Cross-Laminated Timber in Farm Bill
11.29.18 Bill to allow tribal distilleries headed for Trump's approval
11.29.18 Murray, Cantwell join in Senate resolution on climate
11.19.18 Feds agree to $1.2 billion in funding for Sound Transit’s Lynnwood light-rail line
11.16.18 Cantwell: Protect health care costs deduction
11.15.18 New report highlights flaws in police data on missing, murdered indigenous women and girls
11.14.18 Cantwell gets bipartisan support for Coast Guard bill
11.05.18 Sen. Cantwell Visits Chehalis, Discusses Economic Development and STEM Education
10.31.18 New opioid law a start, but there's a lot more to do
10.30.18 Senator Maria Cantwell Talks Jobs, Education with LCC Students
10.29.18 Sen. Cantwell addresses opioid epidemic in Aberdeen visit
10.24.18 Trump signs opioid bill expected to add help in Clark County
10.15.18 Editorial: Funding WW Airport tower is federal responsibility
10.10.18 Bipartisan legislation bolsters Puget Sound restoration funding, doubles amount that can be spent on each project
10.10.18 Congress approves massive water-projects bill
10.05.18 Opioid bill awaits president’s signature
10.04.18 Cantwell Bill to Modernize Firefighting Technology Passes Committee
10.03.18 Senate gives final approval for FAA reauthorization, sends bill to White House
10.03.18 Senate passes aviation bill with $1.7B in disaster aid
09.25.18 Feds award grant to IT
09.24.18 U.S Senate approves opioid legislation
09.21.18 WA lawmakers urge resolution of trade dispute, say Moses Lake's REC faces closure
09.20.18 Cantwell Provisions to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Hold Manufacturers Accountable for Negligence, Pass U.S. Senate
09.19.18 Congress takes multifaceted approach to try to fight the opioid epidemic
09.19.18 New legislation aims to hold opioid manufacturers accountable
09.19.18 Pullman airport nets $7 million federal grant for runway expansion
09.18.18 In Our View: Save Fund for Land, Water
09.14.18 Editorial: Public lands, parks fund again faces termination
09.13.18 Cantwell Cosponsors Legislation to Overturn Expansion of Junk Insurance Plans
09.10.18 Officials applaud land trust’s work
09.10.18 Trust conserves 20,000 acres on southern slopes of Mount St. Helens
09.07.18 Senator Cantwell’s Bipartisan Legislation Giving Tribal Leaders Equal Access to Social Security Passes Senate, Heads to President’s Desk
09.06.18 Noise-canceling construction reducing jet noise for some Highline District schools
09.06.18 Three new canine teams will bring shorter TSA wait times to Sea-Tac Airport
09.06.18 Controversial Hanford cleanup plan needs more hearings, say U.S. senators
09.05.18 Sen. Cantwell to TSA: Why not have better awareness about grounded planes?
09.04.18 Bipartisan bill would counter administrative law judge executive order
08.28.18 US pledges to work more closely with states vs. wildfires
08.25.18 Cantwell writes letter to Oregon Gov. Brown about tolls
08.21.18 Editorial: No-tax Land and Water Conservation Fund needs to be saved
08.18.18 Senator Cantwell holds roundtable discussion on affordable housing
08.15.18 Sen. Cantwell, locals talk transportation
07.30.18 Effort to clean up contaminated groundwater in Washington may get federal help
07.26.18 Sen. Cantwell announces $70 million in funding for water contamination clean-up
07.25.18 Dem, GOP senators join to ask Trump to get tough on Russia cyber threat
07.24.18 Murray, Cantwell urge ICE to end phone call practice
07.13.18 North Olympic Peninsula counties to see big increase in federal payments
07.09.18 Pangborn lands grant for San Francisco flight
07.05.18 Cantwell visits Vancouver Clinic, talks about ACA
07.05.18 Retaliatory tariffs taking a toll, growers tell Cantwell
07.05.18 At joyous Seattle ceremony, 498 become U.S. citizens — and consider what’s ahead
07.03.18 Sen. Cantwell talks healthcare, pre-existing conditions at MultiCare Deaconness
07.03.18 Cantwell calls on Justice Department to resume Affordable Care Act defense
07.02.18 Is health care coverage for pre-existing conditions in jeopardy?
07.01.18 Democratic senator warns colleagues of 'career-ending' Supreme Court vote
06.27.18 Sen. Cantwell introduces bill for coding in public education
06.24.18 Cantwell: Administration plan to privatize BPA "a terrible idea"
06.20.18 Sen Cantwell: Trade Wars Damaging to Washington State
06.20.18 Cantwell presses Commerce Secretary Ross on trade
06.19.18 Murray, Cantwell speak in support of immigration bill
06.18.18 Cantwell Calls for Permanent Re-authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund
06.14.18 Trump crosses moral line by splitting migrant families
06.06.18 Wash. Sen. Maria Cantwell Calls For More Prescribed Burns To Curb Wildfire Smoke
06.04.18 Puget Sound Pilots honored at ceremony marking 150 years of program
05.30.18 Editorial: Congress should hold opioid manufacturers accountable in the drug epidemic
05.29.18 Lander Street Bridge construction starts, shuts down Sodo-area road until 2020
05.23.18 Cantwell announces rural schools funding
05.21.18 Dozens of Attorneys General support Sen. Cantwell's CARES Act
05.18.18 Sen. Maria Cantwell Touts Washington’s Status in Energy Sector Economy
05.17.18 WA Senator Cantwell introduces volcano monitoring bill
05.16.18 Senate votes to protect net neutrality, Cantwell calls for House to take action
05.12.18 Cantwell rallies net neutrality supporters in Spokane stop
05.02.18 Cantwell discusses opioid crisis as diversion center opens
05.02.18 Sen. Cantwell and Rep. Newhouse celebrating new Hanford health resource center
05.01.18 Sen. Maria Cantwell on the fight for net neutrality, Facebook hearings and T-Mobile merger
04.25.18 Cantwell Decries Cuts To Federal Wildfire Research
04.24.18 Cantwell questions Forest Service decision to end fire fighting aircraft contract
04.21.18 Cantwell introduces legislation to protect American coasts from catastrophic oil spills
04.20.18 Cantwell Calls for Better Access to Overdose Reversal Medication
04.20.18 Sen. Maria Cantwell says governments should not be on the hook for coal mine cleanups
04.13.18 Interior backs off tripling fees at national parks
04.06.18 Cantwell, local advocates meet on low-income housing
04.04.18 Senator Maria Cantwell addresses affordable housing crisis
04.03.18 Sen. Maria Cantwell Reviews Port Rail Project
04.03.18 Cantwell Participates In Yakima Roundtable Focuses on Ag Issues
04.02.18 Trump's tariffs threaten to make Yakima Valley growers "collateral damage," Cantwell says
03.30.18 Cantwell praises program to boost affordable housing
03.23.18 Cantwell, local legislators move to combat housing crisis
03.23.18 Cantwell provision in federal spending bill to boost housing tax credits by $3B
03.11.18 U.S. senator tells Peninsula health officials of opioid efforts
10.12.17 Cantwell, Murray among critics of Trump’s executive order
10.12.17 Democrats call EPA's Bristol Bay move 'inconsistent with basic logic'
10.11.17 Members of Congress urge protections for Alaska fishery
10.04.17 Washington senators backing bill to close automatic weapons loophole
10.02.17 Sen. Cantwell and Rep. DelBene seek $220M/year in federal funding for ‘smart city’ programs
09.27.17 Cantwell, Murray ask Trump to step up aid for Puerto Rico
09.27.17 Congressional Democrats to Trump: Do more to help Puerto Rico
09.26.17 Interior chief slammed for loyalty comments
09.22.17 Washington state would lose $10B through 2026 with latest Obamacare repeal plan, study says
09.22.17 TSA dog teams hunt for explosives, boost security and speed travelers along
09.20.17 Senator Cantwell says ‘Trumpcare’ bill will strip health insurance from millions of Americans
09.19.17 Washington senators: Don’t jam through new Trumpcare plan
09.17.17 Cantwell seeks money for cleanup of firefighting foams on military bases
09.15.17 Washington, Idaho lawmakers waiting for details of DACA ‘deal’
09.14.17 Sen. Cantwell’s Bill Aims to Improve Communications Networks in Wake of Disasters
09.06.17 With DACA’s end in sight, Washington colleges and officials urge Congress to act
09.05.17 West Coast Dungeness crab agreement gets OK from Trump
09.01.17 Colville Tribes receive $3.9 million for reforestation of wildfire-raked lands
08.31.17 Atlantic Salmon Found in Rivers, Concentrated Along Shorelines
08.30.17 Our Voice: National Monuments Still Need Defense
08.21.17 'A Fitting Tribute': Olympic Wilderness Named for Longtime Advocate Ex-Gov. Dan Evans
08.20.17 High-Speed Internet Service Celebrated in Neah Bay
08.16.17 The Long-Delayed Lander Street Overpass Will at Last be Built
08.16.17 Cantwell Says Trump Should Have Stood Against Racism in Charlottesville
08.15.17 UW Gets Federal Money to Boost Early-Warning System for West Coast Earthquakes
08.09.17 OPINION: Our Senior-Junior Senator
08.07.17 Cantwell Schedules Town Hall of Her Own at Gonzaga University
08.07.17 Our view: Solid cooperation produced important legislation
08.07.17 Port of Moses Lake gets grant to finish railroad
08.06.17 Bill could stabilize crab fishery
08.04.17 ‘Wildfire fix’ legislation before Senate committee
07.28.17 Connelly: Health care vote proves Senate women do heavy lifting
07.26.17 McCain return doesn’t alter Northwest votes on Obamacare changes
07.25.17 Trump creates ‘hostile environment’ for federal government scientists. One speaks out about reprisals
07.20.17 Cantwell wants probe of Interior scientists’ reassignments
07.18.17 With GOP plan dead, Washington Democrats call for bipartisan health care bill
07.16.17 A Top Republican Vows a Vote on Health Care, but Uncertainty Reigns
07.13.17 Washington’s Senators Pan Trumpcare Revision, Idaho’s Studying It
07.12.17 Tech Companies Rally to Protest Rollback of Net Neutrality
07.12.17 Cantwell: Hanford Reach No Longer Under Review
07.12.17 EPA Resurrects Big, Salmon-Killing Alaska Mine
07.10.17 Congress Unnerved by Energy Grid Hack
07.08.17 Health-Care Worries Loom Large as Sen. Maria Cantwell Holds Town Hall
07.07.17 ‘This is Just Going to Make it More Expensive’ — Sen. Cantwell Warns Business Owners About Net Neutrality Rollback
06.23.17 Sen. Maria Cantwell Vows to Use ‘Every Tool We Have’ to Stop GOP Health-Care Plan
06.20.17 Fate of Obamacare Rests with GOP's Drafted in Darkness' Health Bill
06.20.17 Cantwell Promotes Bill that Would Give Tax Incentives for Firms that Offer Apprenticeships
06.17.17 Cantwell: GOP Health Bill Hurts Veterans
06.12.17 Some Fear San Juan Islands Monument Next on Trump List
06.11.17 Senators Tell Zinke: Hands Off the Hanford Reach
06.11.17 Environmentalists Triumph as Senate Upholds Drilling Rule
05.23.17 Trump Budget Proposes Deep Cuts in Energy Innovation Programs
05.09.17 Comey Firing ‘Deeply Troubling,’ Special Prosecutor Needed, Washington Senators Say
05.09.17 Editorial: Muster Bipartisan Compassion to Fight Toxic AHCA
05.03.17 Washington Delegation Seeks Money for Timber Counties
04.26.17 Concern Expressed as Hanford Reach is Included in U.S. Monument Review
04.26.17 Murray, Cantwell Counter Trump with $15 Wage Proposal
04.26.17 Cantwell wants work benefits for wildland firefighters
04.26.17 Status of Hanford Reach National Monument Could be Challenged
04.14.17 Editorial: Keep Public Lands in Federal Hands
04.13.17 Senators Ask United: Was There Intelligent Alternative to Dragging Passenger?
04.11.17 West Coast Senators Lead Bipartisan Bid to save Sea Grant program from Trump
03.31.17 Cantwell seeks fire funds release
03.31.17 Washington, D.C., Close Up and personal
03.31.17 Congress blocks Seattle Effort to Help Residents Set Up IRAs
03.31.17 Dems Want Crackdown on Coal Mine Cleanup Funding
03.30.17 Republicans in Congress just voted to allow ISPs to sell your internet data – what’s that mean for you?
03.30.17 Sen. Maria Cantwell says she’ll oppose Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch
03.30.17 Congress blocks Seattle effort to help residents set up IRAs
03.29.17 Will tax reform upend market for low-income housing?
03.29.17 Bipartisan U.S. Senate committee supports safety bill for Columbia River tribal sites
03.28.17 Energy independence, not climate change, a priority under Trump order
03.27.17 Roadblocks to improving the energy grid: Regulations and empty chairs
03.24.17 Trump is going to kill an Obama-era rule to stop coal companies from cheating taxpayers
03.23.17 Trump budget to include first payment toward a new Coast Guard icebreaker
03.22.17 Cantwell Casts a Net for Fishing Advice
03.16.17 Trump’s first budget plan would hit Washington state hard, top Democrats say
03.16.17 Bill reintroduced to protect Methow headwaters from mining
03.14.17 Send more tankers to Fairchild, Washington Congress members tell Air Force
03.13.17 Spokane-area community leaders speak out against racism
03.13.17 Health Policy Expert Is Confirmed as Medicare and Medicaid Administrator
03.11.17 Kitsap health-care leaders share fears over Medicaid rollback
03.09.17 Senators Demand Investigation of Hanford Worker Comp
03.08.17 Sen. Cantwell accuses Trump administration of unlawful action on coal-gas rule
03.03.17 Senator Cantwell responds to Attorney General Sessions’ secret meetings with Russian officials
03.02.17 Murray and Cantwell: Senators are fierce, tenacious Trump foes
02.23.17 Sen. Cantwell, health care leaders in Spokane say proposed Medicaid changes could have harmful ripple effects
02.21.17 Washington Congressional Representatives Ask for Clarification on ICE Policies
02.13.17 Lawmakers want federal special education site restored
01.26.17 Cantwell: DeVos doesn't get it, shouldn't be education secretary
01.19.17 Rick Perry vs. Maria Cantwell on climate change, science and Hanford cleanup
01.13.17 Cantwell Applauds Department of Transportation’s Inquiry Into Crude Oil Vapor Levels
01.09.17 Cantwell, Murray introduce permanent offshore drilling ban bill
01.09.17 Cantwell, Herrera Beutler introduce bill to support stable Dungeness crab fisheries
01.06.17 Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell ready for fight over Planned Parenthood funding
12.29.16 Cantwell supports funding of SR-14 improvements
12.16.16 Cantwell: Trump team questions misinformed on Hanford, PNNL
12.15.16 Cantwell demands answers from Trump on energy transition
12.15.16 Don’t mess with Washington water and fish, California
12.14.16 Sen. Cantwell: ‘Potential ramifications are chilling’ from Trump transition team request
12.07.16 Congress passes, sends Obama bill cracking down on ‘bots’ that snap up sports, concert tickets
12.07.16 Sen. Maria Cantwell urges spill protections after Canada pipeline OK’d
11.18.16 Cantwell calls for federal probe of Office Depot
11.01.16 Cantwell gets an earful on wildfire issues
10.31.16 Council, Youth Meet Cantwell, Jones
10.12.16 Sen. Cantwell is Legislator of the Year
09.29.16 Ban bots from snapping up tickets for scalping
09.27.16 Legislation to stop electronic ticket scalpers is welcome
09.22.16 U.S. and Boeing see WTO ruling as huge victory in dispute over Airbus subsidies
09.22.16 Bots, begone! U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell takes steps to ban online scalping
09.15.16 Lawmakers plan to lower wildfire impact, expenditures
09.15.16 Cantwell promises push for more fuel treatment
08.30.16 4 Selected for Hall of Fame
08.22.16 Senator aims to increase affordable housing
08.20.16 In Our View: Cheers & Jeers
08.15.16 Cantwell presses DOE on oil-by-rail
08.11.16 WA Senators, Members of Congress push for progress on Columbia River Treaty
07.21.16 Sen. Cantwell calls for more help to address affordable housing crisis during Kent visit
07.19.16 Tribal Incubator Bill to Foster Entrepreneurship, Close the Employment Gap in Native Communities
07.18.16 Cantwell, Reichert lead bipartisan effort on LWCF, critical federal funding for parks
07.06.16 Senator’s Sequim Science Lesson
07.06.16 Seattle’s Lander Street Overpass project wins $45 million federal grant
07.01.16 Carbon fiber recycling agreement signed today
06.11.16 Cantwell Receives Oceans Leadership Award
06.07.16 Oil train derailment, fire a sobering, timely reminder
06.06.16 Politicians call for action after derailment in Gorge
06.06.16 Spokane City Council asks Union Pacific to halt oil train traffic
05.26.16 Senators float bipartisan wildfire bill
05.26.16 Murray, Cantwell offer bill to derail Mazama copper mine
05.26.16 Methow Valley copper mine would be blocked under bill
05.24.16 Funds for new icebreaker tucked in defense-spending bill
05.23.16 Homelessness in Walla Walla Valley is issue needing attention, action
05.22.16 In Our View: Facing Reality of Wildfires
05.20.16 Bipartisan Senate coalition unveils bill to boost affordable housing
05.19.16 Cantwell, Hatch Introduce Major LIHTC Expansion Bill
05.19.16 In Our View: Revive Basic Health Plan
05.19.16 Columbia River Treaty works, but needs thoughtful updating
05.18.16 Murray and Cantwell want 10,000 Syrian refugees in America
05.13.16 Cantwell hears local officials, responders on wildfires
05.12.16 U.S. Senate panel OKs measure to pay Spokane Tribe for Grand Coulee Dam
05.08.16 Valley officials meet with Sen. Cantwell to discuss housing shortage
05.04.16 Finding ways to let the vino flow
05.04.16 Sen. Maria Cantwell discusses expanding housing tax credit
05.02.16 More affordable health insurance option urged for Washington
04.28.16 Compromise paves way for water legislation
04.28.16 Senator Cantwell Collecting Personal Stories of Struggles with Unaffordable Housing and Homelessness
04.26.16 Cantwell intervenes to help local Coast Guard access care
04.22.16 In rare bipartisan decision, Senate approves Yakima water projects
04.22.16 Senate energy bill powered by compromise
04.21.16 Senate approves bill to boost energy development on tribal lands
04.20.16 Senate Passes Legislation Tailored to a Modern Energy Landscape
04.20.16 Bill passed to help ensure future water for Yakima Valley
04.20.16 Adults in Congress: Cantwell, Murkowski pass bipartisan energy legislation
04.20.16 Senate passes Yakima water bill
04.15.16 Officials announce plans to decrease Sea-Tac wait times
04.15.16 Solutions at Sea-Tac: Sen. Maria Cantwell visits Sea-Tac to address long security lines
04.14.16 For more affordable housing, expand tax credits, Cantwell says
04.08.16 Senator visits Bremerton to tout housing tax credit increase
04.07.16 Northwest senators urge decision on new Lewis-Clark Valley AVA
04.06.16 Sea-Tac’s security lines may shrink with new TSA training
04.04.16 U.S. senators say wait times ‘unacceptably long’ at Sea-Tac security checkpoints
03.30.16 Matt Driscoll: Cantwell’s case for affordable housing an easy one to make in Pierce County
03.29.16 Sen. Cantwell Highlights Pierce County Affordable Housing Shortage, Pushes For Tax Credit Extension
03.28.16 Editorial: Congress should boost tax credit for affordable housing
03.28.16 Cantwell looking to address lack of low income housing
03.24.16 Cantwell wants to expand tax credits to build affordable housing
03.24.16 Everett mayor joins Cantwell in tour of housing solution
03.24.16 Cantwell Launches Campaign to Expand, Reform LIHTC Program
03.24.16 Editorial: In Our View: Seek Minerals Elsewhere
03.24.16 Cantwell wants to expand tax credits to build affordable housing
03.10.16 Senator Maria Cantwell Secures Canadian Prime Minister Committment to Talks on Columbia River Treaty
03.10.16 Cantwell says Trudeau agreeable to Columbia River talks
03.03.16 Cantwell presses energy secretary on proposed Hanford cut
03.02.16 Government passes goal for contracts with women-owned firms
02.18.16 Islanders honor heritage with new year celebration
02.17.16 Vancouver provides new, furnished homes to homeless with support services
02.12.16 Sen. Maria Cantwell selected as Wheat Leader of the Year
02.09.16 Obama wants new icebreaker
02.08.16 Progress on Clean Energy
02.05.16 Planned Parenthood clinic in Pullman reopens six months after arson attack
02.01.16 This is how it looks when Congress gets along
01.28.16 Cantwell, Tester introduce tribal school construction, maintenance legislation
01.27.16 Senate Begins Debate on Comprehensive Bipartisan Energy Bill
01.15.16 US needs more polar icebreakers: Cantwell, Murkowski
01.14.16 Obama Said to Plan Suspension of New U.S. Coal Leases
01.13.16 Cuban national rowing team to compete in Windermere Cup in May
12.21.15 Congress looks to make rents more affordable
12.21.15 Editorial: In Our View: A Triumph for Fair Taxation
12.17.15 Measure to label genetically engineered salmon added to congressional spending bill
12.16.15 Big tax deal would make sales tax deduction permanent
12.16.15 Senator Cantwell Urges Action on Puerto Rico
12.16.15 Advocates win labels for GMO 'frankenfish'
12.14.15 Senate passes legislation to rename Nisqually Wildlife Refuge for Billy Frank Jr.
12.09.15 Gap in Central Washington radar could soon be filled
12.04.15 Editorial: Good news for the state: Congress restores Export-Import Bank
11.20.15 Yakima Water Plan Bill Approved By U.S. Senate Committee
11.20.15 Senate Bill Introduced to Rename Wildlife Refuge After Billy Frank Jr.
11.19.15 U.S. Senate committee approves state water legislation, paving way for federal funds
11.19.15 Cantwell’s Dungeness Crab Bill Passes Senate Commerce Committee
11.12.15 Crowd lauds Hanford’s inclusion in park
11.05.15 Senators: Make coal prices reflect environmental costs
10.27.15 Feds kick in $10M for new Mukilteo ferry terminal
10.20.15 Cantwell questions DOE nominees about Hanford waste disposal
10.07.15 Cantwell: Public lands good for the body, the soul and the economy
10.05.15 Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund allowed to expire; state's congressional delegation urges action on key funding for national outdoors areas
09.29.15 US senators introduce bill to drop the ‘Alaska’ from pollock name
09.25.15 Cantwell to Xi: China should send a ‘reverse trade mission’ to the US
09.22.15 Senate Democrats Offer Climate Change Bill Aimed Not at Success Now, but in 2016
09.15.15 Tri-Cities Airport Gets $750,000 Grant for Flight to L.A.
09.09.15 Senators seek tax credits for apprenticeships
08.28.15 Cantwell urges ‘strategic approach’ to investing in wildfire prevention at Senate hearing
08.21.15 Cantwell Applauds Emergency Declaration, Will Sponsor Air Tanker Legislation
08.20.15 Senator Cantwell hears local issues
08.05.15 Sen. Cantwell Speaks About Carcieri, Fed Rec, Duwamish and More
07.25.15 Partnership promising tool for enhancing water supply
07.09.15 Seattle Ranks No. 4 in U.S. Exporting Cities with Record $61.9 Billion Goods Exported in 2014
06.15.15 Senators Call on Congress for Renewal of Ex-Im Bank
06.11.15 Port of Port Angeles Commissioner Names Sources, Customers for Composite Recycling Center in Testimony
06.11.15 Senators Push to be Home to Manhattan Project Park Headquarters
06.11.15 Home Soil: Lighthouse Land Turned Over to City
06.08.15 Editorial: Bracing for New Normal
06.08.15 Sen. Maria Cantwell Hears about ’96-Hour’ Rule for Critical-Access Hospitals as She Tours Port Townsend Hospital
05.27.15 Sen. Cantwell Turns Senate Divisions on Trade to Advantage
05.27.15 Editorial: Washington's Congressional Lawmakers Must Continue Progress on Trade Bills
05.05.15 Lawmakers Question Zukunft on OPC Fleet, Icebreaker Funding
05.05.15 Cantwell Leading Efforts to Reinstate Expired Clean Energy Tax Credits
05.05.15 Sen. Cantwell Hears from Whatcom, Skagit Officials on Oil Train Safety
04.28.15 Editorial: Preserve Access To Outdoors
04.13.15 Cantwell, Fire Chiefs Pressing For More Regulation Of Oil Trains
04.13.15 Senators Try To Stop The Coming Oil Train Wreck
04.13.15 Cantwell: Act Now on Oil Trains
04.13.15 Sen. Maria Cantwell Promotes Oil Train Safety Bill
04.13.15 Lawmakers Aim to Toughen Laws on Oil Trains
04.13.15 Senate Democrats Push White House on Oil Train Safety
04.13.15 'Get Them Off Rails Now,' Sen. Cantwell Says of Some Oil Tank Cars
04.10.15 Senate Dems Seek Stronger Oil Train Safety Rules
03.24.15 Cantwell Prods Foxx On Oil Tank Car Regulations
03.24.15 Cantwell Shows Support for Tri-Cities Airport Baggage System
03.24.15 Gases in Oil Tank Cars: How Volatile, Cantwell Wants to Know
03.24.15 Editorial: Federal Oil Train Rules Are Inadequate
03.24.15 Cantwell to Push Tougher Oil Train Rules
03.24.15 New Bills Seek to Strengthen Crude-By-Rail Safety, Extend Short-Line Tax Credit
03.09.15 A Third Blast on Oil Trains Stirs Scrutiny
03.04.15 Cantwell Proposes Bill to Fast-Track Oil Train Safety Standards
02.27.15 Finding Higher Ground, and Saving Live, if a Tsunami Hits: Editorial
01.30.15 Get Moving on Oil Train Safety Rules, Cantwell Tells Obama Administration
01.21.15 Sen. Cantwell Urges Support for Net Neutrality
01.21.15 Sen. Maria Cantwell Meets With Seattle Tech Leaders on Net Neutrality Ahead of Key Hearing
12.03.14 Congress to Pro Sports: Toughen Up the Rules
11.20.14 Cantwell to FCC: No ‘toll lanes,’ Preserve Net Neutrality
11.20.14 Cantwell Demands FCC Take 'Forceful Action' to Protect Net Neutrality
11.20.14 Maria Cantwell: Net Neutrality Should be “Law of the Land”
10.22.14 Boeing Breaks Ground on 777X Wing Plant at Paine Field
10.16.14 Biden Hails Renton Tech as Vital Path to Reviving Middle Class
10.16.14 Improved Air Service to Yakima Gets Big Lift
10.16.14 Maria Cantwell Introduces Bill to Refurbish Aged Polar Sea Icebreaker
10.16.14 EPA Proposes Limits on Alaska's Pebble Mine Project
10.16.14 Cantwell Targets Small Business Loan Gender Gap
10.16.14 State's Women-Owned Firms Missing Out on SBA Loans, Federal Contracts
10.16.14 In Our View: Get It Right on Oil Trains
10.16.14 Editorial: Pass Safety Laws for Oil Trains
10.16.14 Cantwell, Murray to Boehner: Man Up and Let House Vote on Ex-Im Bank
10.16.14 Washington Senator Push to Keep Ex-Im Bank
10.16.14 L'Ecole Winemaker, Senator Urge Continuing Export-Import Bank
10.16.14 Good Arguments From Washington Lawmakers on Export-Import Bank
10.16.14 Marine Industries at Risk on Both Coasts as Oceans Acidify
10.16.14 Maria Cantwell Threatens to Strip NFL of Nonprofit Status
03.25.14 Weather forecasts can be lifesavers
03.25.14 Editorial: Preserve the historic Green Mountain fire lookout
03.25.14 Senator Cantwell Visits Region's Growers and Packers
03.25.14 Cantwell visits Benton City nursery
03.25.14 Cantwell cheers farm bill on Yakima Valley stop
03.25.14 Promoting Healthy School Lunches
03.25.14 Boeing to build carbon-fiber 777X wings in Everett
03.25.14 Washington’s football team remains on the wrong side of history
03.25.14 Two 'Monuments Men' Who Helped Preserve Art During WWII Hailed From Wash. State
03.25.14 Lawmakers Press N.F.L. on Name Change for Washington Redskins
03.25.14 Lawmakers warn NFL about Redskins
03.25.14 Lift the ban on U.S. crude exports? Cantwell, Wyden want data
03.25.14 Senate Dems press for study on crude exports
03.25.14 Democrats ask for price impact analysis of U.S. oil exports
03.25.14 Washington senators weigh in on Farm Bill
03.25.14 Passage of 2014 Farm Bill
03.25.14 Farm bill to fund research, crops in the Yakima Valley
03.25.14 Yakima Valley grape growers get good news
03.25.14 Feds to buy $11.5M in Concord grape juice
03.25.14 Approved farm bill supports Prosser center, local research
03.25.14 19 Democratic Senators To File Amicus Brief In Hobby Lobby Contraception Case
03.25.14 Funding for ‘pulse crops’ program included in Farm Bill
03.25.14 Port of Walla Walla officials more certain about air service as boardings increase
03.25.14 Seattle fishermen rally against proposed Alaska mine
03.25.14 Bristol Bay: Washington senator, chefs protest Pebble Mine
03.25.14 Cantwell Urges White House To Stop Alaska Pebble Mine Project, Protect Fishermen
03.25.14 Fishermen, chefs, Cantwell tell Obama: Kill Bristol Bay mine
03.25.14 Editorial: EPA pans Bristol Bay mining
03.25.14 Tri-Cities judge nominated for U.S. District Court
03.25.14 EPA: Huge Alaska mine ‘poses risks’ to Bristol Bay salmon
03.25.14 EPA: Alaska mine project a threat to sockeye salmon runs
03.25.14 ‘Net neutrality’ ruling could stifle innovative startups in Seattle
03.25.14 Murray, Cantwell place friendly wager on Seahawks
03.25.14 Green Mountain lookout bill up for vote in Senate
03.25.14 How Will the Volcker Rule Stand Up Against the Armies of Wall Street?
03.25.14 Editorial: Congress should extend the sales-tax deduction
03.25.14 Chaining mental health reforms to gun control is a failed strategy
03.25.14 Wash. Congressional Delegation to Boeing: Build 777X here
03.25.14 Shipbuilders to Senators: Help Us Modernize Vessels, Create Jobs
03.25.14 Senators tour Seattle boat to study loans for new fishing fleet
03.25.14 Washington, Alaska senators pave way for 4 new icebreakers
01.22.14 A bipartisan call to protect the Arctic
01.22.14 Saving our last wilderness
01.22.14 Senate women: We're 'fed up' with military sexual assault
01.22.14 Senators Mark Kirk and Maria Cantwell Go on the Offense to Protect the Arctic Refuge
01.22.14 CFTC Needs Nominee to Battle Wall Street Lobbying, Democrats Say
01.22.14 Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Native American Heritage Month
01.22.14 Effort starts to save Green Mountain lookout
01.22.14 Senate duo announces bill protecting 1.56M acres of Arctic refuge
01.22.14 NW lawmakers warn Energy Department from taking control of BPA
01.22.14 Affordable Footwear Act Would Trim Shoe Costs for U.S. Consumers
01.22.14 Washington politicians hold briefing on Amanda Knox case
12.12.13 Sen. Cantwell urges support for shipbuilding on Dakota Creek tour
12.12.13 SCIA to Hear Three Federal Recognition Bills
12.12.13 Congress to Convene Briefing on Amanda Knox
12.12.13 Failure to pass farm bill could damage state exports
12.12.13 Sen. Cantwell visits Anacortes boat manufacturer
12.12.13 Sen. Cantwell in Whatcom County to talk about specialty crops, farm bill
12.12.13 $200,000 federal grant for Wenatchee air travel
12.12.13 Washington lawmakers don't want shutdown sequels
12.12.13 Madame Ambassador: The growing power of women diplomats in Washington
12.12.13 JPMorgan's $100M penalty draws Cantwell praise
12.11.13 Tom Foley remembered at D.C. memorial service
12.11.13 The airport, a highway to here
12.11.13 Congress must compromise on farm bill
12.11.13 Cantwell, DelBene say farm bill's good for state
12.11.13 The farm bill: It’s our jobs, stupid!
12.11.13 Failure to pass farm bill could damage state exports
12.11.13 Pangborn gets federal money for marketing efforts
12.11.13 Colleagues, friends remember Tom Foley
12.11.13 Former House speaker Tom Foley dies
12.11.13 A Regulator Cuts New Teeth on JPMorgan in ‘London Whale’ Case
11.19.13 Tribe hopeful its long wait for dam payment will end
11.19.13 Senate Passes Extension of Cantwell-Championed Rural Schools, Roads Program
11.19.13 Several research grants to help Whatcom agriculture industry
11.19.13 Maritime Goods Movement Act assists Port of Grays Harbor
11.19.13 U.S. Senate sets day of remembrance for Hanford workers
11.19.13 Wenatchee lawyer named to replace judge on Richland federal bench
11.19.13 Cantwell questions NOAA nominee about ocean acidification
11.19.13 DOE nominee says Hanford a priority
11.19.13 Leading FAA center for alternative jet fuels
11.19.13 Permanent fix now in place on Skagit River Bridge
11.19.13 WSU tapped as center of research hub on biojet fuel
11.19.13 Peter Callaghan: Port-related fee proposal puts costs where they belong
11.19.13 Cantwell: Give time for chemical weapons deal
11.19.13 Senators Tester, Cantwell visit Flathead Reservation
11.19.13 Tribal leaders, Tester, Indian Affairs chair discuss economic challenges
11.19.13 Tribal leaders from around the state discuss issues with Senators Tester and Cantwell
11.19.13 Area hospitals fear sharp federal cuts
11.18.13 Our Voice: With wine and biofuels, WSU Tri-Cities' reach extends around the world
11.18.13 Cantwell Grills NOAA Nominee on Ocean Acidification Funding
11.18.13 Proposed new health policies could push some rural hospitals over the edge
11.18.13 FAA chooses Washington for aviation biofuels development
11.18.13 Cantwell announces new biofuels center at WSU Tri-Cities
11.18.13 Region’s lawmakers mixed on Obama’s Syria speech
11.05.13 IRS: LGBT couples who are married can file joint tax returns beginning next year
11.05.13 Seattle is No. 7 in U.S. cities for world trade
11.05.13 Senators want to ‘level playing field’ for Puget Sound ports
11.05.13 U.S. senators launch bid to divert container traffic from B.C. ports
11.05.13 Cantwell stumps for U.S. farm bill
11.05.13 Friends celebrate former House Speaker Foley
11.05.13 Tax change proposed to help Puget Sound ports compete
11.05.13 Murray, Cantwell unveil legislation to support American ports
11.05.13 Cantwell to Summers: ‘Do a mea culpa’ if you want to chair the Fed
11.05.13 With New Hydropower Bill WA Could See Jobs, Growth
11.05.13 Influential women U.S. senators urge support for continued current funding of pioneering Women’s Health Initiative
11.05.13 Cantwell to join Begich on Alaska trip
11.05.13 Political wrangling expected over NASA funding
11.05.13 Senator Cantwell seeks action on farm bill
11.05.13 Wenatchee attorney put forward for federal judge
11.05.13 Cantwell backs bills supporting coastal economy
11.05.13 Sen. Cantwell supports Green Mountain Lookout in wilderness
11.05.13 Patrick McMahan recalled as Mountlake Terrace city father
11.05.13 Editorial: Reform the tax that’s hurting Seattle and Tacoma ports
11.05.13 Fix the tax that sends our shipping to Canada
11.05.13 Action Needed on Farm Bill
11.05.13 Sen. Maria Cantwell calls for bipartisan action on Farm Bill
11.05.13 As Bristol Bay fight heats up, EPA’s McCarthy may visit proposed mine site
10.17.13 Editorial: Get banks out of the casino with a new Glass-Steagall Act
10.17.13 UPDATE 3-U.S. Senate approves head of Ex-Im Bank for second term
10.17.13 Lawmakers Move to Rebuild Wall Between Commercial and Investment Banking
10.17.13 Separate Main Street from Wall Street: Cantwell, McCain, Warren
10.17.13 Seattle's 22% export gain lauded by officials
10.17.13 Senators Introduce Bill to Separate Trading Activities From Big Banks
10.17.13 Cantwell and Murray to Prez: Act Fast on DOMA
10.17.13 Showdown over NASA funding likely
10.17.13 Study on combining Hanford, commercial waste under way
10.17.13 Congress moving to save Green Mountain Lookout
10.17.13 GOP: Use conservation money to cut parks' maintenance backlog
10.17.13 Wall Street Gamblers’ Insurance Courtesy of Uncle Sam
10.17.13 Alpine Lakes bill gets bipartisan boost
10.17.13 CNBC Strikes Out with Elizabeth Warren
10.17.13 Should big banks be broken up?
10.17.13 Senators grill refiners over high prices amid oil boom
10.17.13 Cantwell among Senate sponsors of 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
10.17.13 Rep. Herrera Beutler, Sen. Cantwell, Introduce Bill to Support Fishing Jobs
08.02.13 Senators Introduce Bill to Separate Trading Activities From Big Banks
08.02.13 Seattle's 22% export gain lauded by officials
08.02.13 Cantwell and Murray to Prez: Act Fast on DOMA
08.02.13 On surveillance, the Northwest is particularly prickly: 200 wiseguy words
08.02.13 Elizabeth Warren and John McCain want Glass-Steagall back. Should you?
08.02.13 Separate Main Street from Wall Street: Cantwell, McCain, Warren
08.01.13 How Women Finally Acquired Power in the Senate
08.01.13 US senators introduce bill to break up megabanks
08.01.13 Sen. Elizabeth Warren Says Banking Should Be Boring
08.01.13 Why Son Of Glass-Steagall Deserves To Be Born
08.01.13 Prominent Dem prepares climate bill as others seek business support for carbon tax
08.01.13 Elizabeth Warren and John McCain Introduce Bill to Bust Up Big Banks
08.01.13 Elizabeth Warren pushes Glass-Steagall revival
08.01.13 King joins in sponsoring bill to curtail Wall Street risks
08.01.13 An Indomitable Maria Cantwell is Back with a Glass-Steagall Posse
08.01.13 Sens. Warren, McCain propose new Glass-Steagall bank restrictions bill
08.01.13 Five Facts About the New Glass-Steagall
08.01.13 Glass-Steagall Act Would Be Revived In New Bill From Elizabeth Warren, Bipartisan Coalition
08.01.13 Elizabeth Warren Hits Big Banks Where It Hurts, New Bill Would Restore Glass-Steagall
08.01.13 Bring back Glass-Steagall with modern twist, say senators
08.01.13 Elizabeth Warren Introducing A Bill That Would Be Wall Street's Worst Nightmare
08.01.13 Senators float plan to break up big banks
07.31.13 Farm Bill Would Make Animal-Fighting Spectators Subject to Jail Time
07.31.13 Reform with no guest workers could cost growers 70 percent of workforce
07.31.13 Olympic Medical Center boss outlines impacts of state budgets on local level
07.31.13 Bipartisan backing for ban on discrimination against gays
07.31.13 Struggling Skamania County seeks federal support
07.31.13 Want better news? Block Gannett-Belo deal
07.31.13 Proposed Senate bill addresses livestock antibiotics use
07.31.13 Proposal would safeguard use of antibiotics in agriculture
07.31.13 Immigration bill passes Senate; House battle looms
07.31.13 Mining News: Pebble battle frontline erupts in D.C.
07.31.13 Obama Creates Native Council To Improve Dialoge with Indian Country
07.31.13 Murray Announces Passage of Wilderness Legislation
07.31.13 Shifting global airline puzzle raises question about how travelers benefit
07.23.13 Washington’s politicos in D.C. finally tell feds: ‘Leave our legal pot alone’
07.23.13 Media Ownership Concerns Shoved Aside at FCC
07.23.13 GAO: American-US Airways merger will reduce competition
07.23.13 US Airways chief warns of fewer flights to smaller cities after American merger
07.23.13 In Our View: Swift Progress on Skagit River
07.23.13 Diverse Coalition of Asian American, Civil Rights, Latino, Faith and Women’s Groups Endorse Bipartisan Legislation that Equalizes Immigration Opportunities for Women
07.23.13 A Different Kind of Leak Gives Lie to DOE’s Hanford “Clean-Up”
07.23.13 Overflow crowd says, ‘close OLF’
07.23.13 Alpine lakes: in the hands of a hostile House
07.23.13 Senator Cantwell meets with islander Jill Blankenship
07.23.13 Win for same-sex marriage in Supreme Court rulings
07.23.13 Local elected leaders react to Supreme Court DOMA ruling
07.23.13 Cantwell extends congrats to Orcas Island entrepreneur for state SBA award
07.23.13 Don’t threaten salmon habitat with huge Alaska mine
07.23.13 Women Senators Organize To Make The Immigration Reform Bill More Equal
07.16.13 Clallam and Jefferson receive federal dollars
07.16.13 Sen. Cantwell Criticizes Gannett/Belo Deal
07.16.13 Moniz's Hanford baptism
07.16.13 Clallam, Jefferson counties get $2.1 million in federal compensatory payments
07.16.13 Washington's senators nudge Justice Department on marijuana
07.16.13 LIHI receives award for Ernestine Anderson Place
07.16.13 Energy secretary to visit Hanford next week
07.16.13 Feds to pay for nearly all Skagit River bridge repairs
07.16.13 WA Senator Cantwell Talks Farm Bill Benefits
07.16.13 What’s up, Doc? Alpine Lakes bill finally gets hearing
07.16.13 Cantwell joins effort to make tax credit possible
06.12.13 Senate OKs huge farm bill
06.12.13 Four in state delegation voted to limit surveillance
06.12.13 Five Western senators question Obama on proposed Alaskan mine
06.12.13 Bill to keep student loan interest rates from doubling stalls in Senate
06.12.13 No. 1 In Chickpea Production
06.12.13 Editorial: School meals, jobs and the farm bill
06.12.13 Head of state board appointed to National Freight Advisory Committee
05.30.13 In Our View: Pass a New Farm Bill Soon
05.30.13 Sen. Cantwell visits Pasco to push farm bill
05.30.13 Sen. Maria Cantwell visits the Tri-Cities
05.30.13 Cantwell Visits Pasco Potato Processing Plant to Show Support for Senate Farm Bill
05.30.13 New farm bill critical for research funding, lawmaker says in Wapato
05.30.13 Cantwell in Pasco to push for Farm Bill
05.29.13 WA farm bill pushes local crops in school lunches
05.29.13 Editorial: Fight over Farm Bill shows flaws of Congress
05.29.13 Cantwell to Tour Pasco Potato Facility, Pushing Farm Bill
05.29.13 Sens. Murray, Cantwell speak in Spokane
05.24.13 A penny for Penny Pritzker’s thoughts
05.21.13 Smokey, spare that lookout — Washington lawmakers to Forest Service
05.20.13 Felts Field tower gets reprieve
05.17.13 B Reactor park bill passes Senate committee
05.13.13 Cantwell Announces: FAA Will Keep Air Traffic Control Towers Open
05.06.13 Cantwell, Bipartisan Senate Coalition Work to Keep Contract Towers Open
05.06.13 Editorial: Open Cuba would help Northwest trade thrive
04.29.13 Mine project threatens Bristol Bay salmon fishery: EPA report
04.23.13 Lesson from 43 Earth Days: Successful green politics is grassroots
04.23.13 Members of Washington Delegation Call for Continued Support of Puyallup River Communities
04.23.13 Editorial: A bright, shining Polar Star icebreaker ready for duty
04.15.13 Cantwell Urges FAA to Keep Air Traffic Control Towers Open
04.15.13 Cantwell urges FAA to not close Narrows Airport air traffic control tower
04.12.13 Cantwell Urges FAA to Keep Air Towers Open
04.12.13 Senators weigh in on FAA tower closure plans
04.12.13 Cantwell seeks review of airport tower closures
04.11.13 U.S. Senate Confirms Jewell As Interior Secretary
04.11.13 Senate confirms Sally Jewell as Interior secretary
04.10.13 New energy secretary: I will go to Hanford
04.10.13 Energy nominee says Hanford cleanup effort unacceptable
04.09.13 Energy secretary nominee Moniz says no more Hanford status quo
04.09.13 Editorial: GPS can navigate FAA through budget cuts
04.02.13 Pols, residents celebrate San Juan monument
04.01.13 Leaders celebrate San Juan Islands preservation
03.26.13 Ensuring a natural legacy
03.26.13 Obama makes it legal on San Juan Islands National Monument
03.22.13 Nation's newest national monument? the San Juans
03.22.13 Obama will create national monument in San Juans
03.20.13 In Our View: Increasing Hydropower
03.19.13 Investigate Bristol Bay mine developer, Cantwell tells SEC
03.18.13 Washington leaders react to passing of Booth Gardner
03.18.13 Ex-Gov. Booth Gardner dies of Parkinson’s complications
03.15.13 Alpine Lakes: A milestone and a millstone
03.14.13 Cantwell introduces bill to boost hydro
03.14.13 Sen. Cantwell bill would increase hydropower production
03.11.13 Hanford's historic legacy
03.08.13 What the Violence Against Women Act means for Washington
03.08.13 Legislation to Preserve Hanford's B Reactor
03.08.13 Bill introduced to protect San Juans
03.08.13 Sally Jewell’s links to conservationists draw GOP questions during confirmation hearing
03.08.13 REI head vetted by Senate committee
03.08.13 State's U.S. delegation renews 'Conservation Area' designation quest
03.08.13 Cantwell offers bill to create B Reactor park at Hanford
03.04.13 SJI National Park Historical Park expands
02.19.13 Debate on deduction for state sales tax continues
02.13.13 Cantwell Fights for Women
02.13.13 Bill targets non-Indian crimes
02.12.13 Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act with Tribal provisions | In Our Opinion
01.29.13 In Our View: Cheers & Jeers
01.29.13 Murray, Cantwell tell Obama: We want San Juans monument NOW
01.25.13 Bipartisan drive to protect King County wild places
01.24.13 Cantwell seeks to make sales tax deduction permanent
01.22.13 Obama strong on climate, Cantwell encouraged
01.17.13 Editorial: Fisher sale raises local-ownership concerns
01.17.13 Lawmakers react to gun bill
01.14.13 Cantwell names Mary Pavel of Skokomish Tribe to Committee on Indian Affairs staff director job
01.10.13 Fairchild is finalist for newest tankers
01.04.13 Wind power gets tailwind in Congress’ budget deal
01.02.13 Fiscal cliff deal includes Wash. sales-tax break
01.02.13 Editorial: a U.S. presence in the Arctic
01.02.13 Editorial: Congress should renew battle against human trafficking
12.21.12 UPDATE — Tsunami debris team fails to reach huge dock on coastal beach
12.20.12 Tsunami debris? Dock makes landfall near La Push
12.19.12 Conditions too dangerous to examine dock from Japanese tsunami ashore at La Push
12.19.12 Cantwell praises tsunami-debris law
12.19.12 Dem senators to GOP women: Help us pass violence law!
12.18.12 Senators hope to keep lookout
12.17.12 Editorial: The FCC blinks, for now, at media consolidation
12.17.12 Cantwell to chair Senate Indian Affairs committee
12.14.12 Another chance for U.S. icebreaker Polar Sea amid Arctic changes
12.13.12 Cantwell will chair Senate Indian Affairs Committee
12.06.12 Cantwell continues fight against FCC plan to ease media-concentration rules
12.05.12 Senator Cantwell Interview with Andrea Mitchell on Gas Prices
12.05.12 Senator Cantwell Interview with Rachel Maddow on Gas Prices
12.03.12 Enron's unplanned benefit
11.05.12 Frankenfish spook Northwest lawmakers
11.05.12 A cautionary tale for Congress on Mexico, unions, trucks and farming
11.05.12 Cantwell opposes PNNL job cuts
11.05.12 Cantwell: Northwest Prepared for Nuclear Emergency
11.05.12 Lawmakers are applauding plan to end Mexican tariffs
11.05.12 Sen. Cantwell Pushes New Federal Anti-Bullying Bill
11.05.12 Boeing Workers Rejoice At Victory Rally
11.05.12 Cantwell, Murray among senators asking for action on gas prices
11.05.12 Everett workers relieved and excited at Boeing's tanker win
11.05.12 Legislation would give Quileutes higher ground
11.05.12 West End Doppler radar work expected to begin this week
11.05.12 Politicians jubilant at unexpected Boeing victory
11.05.12 In Our View: Electrifying Idea
11.05.12 Cantwell:Obama right to dump DOMA
11.05.12 Cantwell: Boeing won tanker contract despite subsidies
11.05.12 In Our View: Crusade Continues
11.05.12 Quileute Tribal Council urges action on land acquisition, cell phone service
11.05.12 Planned Parenthood supporters turn to Murray and Cantwell to block cuts
11.05.12 It's time to make state's sales tax deduction permanent
11.05.12 ‘Dirty Air’ loses in U.S. Senate
11.05.12 Murray, Cantwell: Women’s health cuts won’t pass
11.05.12 Cantwell: Sea-Tac could get ‘millions’ of FAA funds
11.05.12 FAA bill touted as local job generator
11.05.12 Interior supports Quileute tsunami protection bill
11.05.12 FAA Bill Would Bring Millions To GEG
11.05.12 Quileute tribal chairwoman tells Senate committee of fear of tsunamis
11.05.12 SAFETY: Tribe wants park land so it can protect itself from tsunamis
11.05.12 Western travelers gain with more nonstop flights to Reagan National
11.05.12 FAA bill stalls again over fight for flights
11.05.12 Cantwell blames speculators for sharp hike in gas prices
11.05.12 Senators Cantwell and Murray speak up about high gas prices; highlight suffering local businesses
11.05.12 Editorial: Permanent sales tax deduction fair solution
11.05.12 Murray, Cantwell blame speculators for gas prices
11.05.12 Cantwell, Murray to Feds: Curb oil speculators
11.05.12 Can Cantwell and Collins CLEAR up U.S. energy policy?
11.05.12 Gas prices are speculators' fault, say Murray and Cantwell
11.05.12 Local business hurt by gas prices seek help from Congress
11.05.12 Congress must help Quileutes escape tsunami threat
11.05.12 Cantwell takes aim at sky-high gas prices
11.05.12 Moving the Quileutes to higher ground
10.12.12 Cantwell acts to protect broadband access
10.12.12 Cantwell, Murray: Don’t drill America’s “Left” Coast
10.12.12 Cantwell: Make sales tax deduction permanent
10.12.12 Schools, industry, government unite on work force issue
10.12.12 Cantwell draws praise from Humane Society
10.12.12 Cantwell plans support of STEM education
10.12.12 Senator Cantwell comes to town
10.12.12 Locals hail vote on gays in military
10.12.12 Murray, Cantwell vote with majority to repeal DADT
10.12.12 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repealed By A Lame Duck
10.12.12 With major reservations, Murray votes for tax package
10.12.12 Murray, Cantwell vote to move tax deal toward Senate passage
10.12.12 Cantwell, Murray Add Renewable Energy Program to Tax Package at Last Minute
10.12.12 Cantwell urges U.S. to negotiate open access to Mexican market for Washington-grown spuds
10.12.12 Cantwell Signs Senate Letter Seeking to Amend Obama Deal
10.12.12 AG’s task force focuses on energy market fraud
10.12.12 Murray, Cantwell: Time for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ to go
10.12.12 Cantwell, Murray right to put pressure on oil speculation
10.12.12 Creating a smarter system
10.12.12 County wants to revitalize Stehekin
10.12.12 We get our first peek at where our new weather radar is going
10.12.12 Senators urge “stronger protections” for Arctic Refuge
10.12.12 Cantwell: South Park Bridge Funding Completed With $34 Million Federal Grant
10.12.12 Plenty of anger over gasoline prices; now it's time for action
10.12.12 REC Silicon in Grant County finishes $1.7B expansion
10.12.12 Cantwell assails new Regence policies
10.12.12 Senator Maria Cantwell and her Mother on the upcoming House Budget
10.12.12 New federal rules seek end to deadliest harvest
10.12.12 House Republicans pump legislation for the oil industry
10.12.12 Bill OK'd to expand oil-spill protection in Strait of Juan de Fuca
10.12.12 Grant keeps deputies at full strength
10.12.12 Congressional outrage fuels hearing on high gas prices
10.12.12 Quileute get $667,131 in federal funds for justice system, other programs
10.12.12 Cantwell Co-Sponsors Immigration Relief Legislation
10.12.12 Bill OK'd that overhauls fishing-industry safety, protects Sound
10.12.12 Cantwell pushes plan to slash gas prices 'overnight'
10.12.12 Soon we’ll curse the rain earlier and with better accuracy
10.12.12 Cantwell announces funding to make thousands of homes more energy efficient
10.12.12 Feds grant $13.5M to WA tribes to fight crime
10.12.12 Feds grant $13.5M to WA tribes to fight crime
10.12.12 Cantwell Continues to Push for Oil Industry Oversight
10.12.12 Senate moves forward on small business bill
10.12.12 Could the Northwest be the Saudi Arabia of aviation biofuels?
10.12.12 As gas prices remain high, Sen. Cantwell demands change
10.12.12 New Doppler dome will help forecast coastal storms
10.11.12 Cantwell: Keep job training
10.11.12 Cantwell aims to restore job-training funds
10.11.12 Speedy Afghan exit draws more support
10.11.12 Feds launch gas-price probe Cantwell urged
10.11.12 Biofueled 747 lands at Paris Air Show
10.11.12 Cantwell Glad FTC Investigating Oil Markets
10.11.12 Cantwell pushes FTC to investigate gas prices
10.11.12 Cantwell leads bipartisan group to support critical crime-fighting program
10.11.12 Cantwell thanked for keeping drug task force money
10.11.12 State's farmers celebrate end of trucking feud
10.11.12 Bring energy manipulators to heel — Cantwell
10.11.12 Commodity regulator approves Cantwell tougher anti-manipulation rule
10.11.12 Sen. Cantwell Does Something Very Important, but Too Wonky for Folks to Pay Much Attention to, Let Alone Understand
10.11.12 Lynnwood bank gets millions from Fed to help small businesses
10.11.12 Interior head backs B Reactor as national historical park
10.11.12 Cantwell bill protects health benefits of public workers
10.11.12 Sen. Cantwell promotes bill to help state ski areas
10.11.12 New bill would allow eight local ski areas to expand operations to a wide range of year-round activities
10.11.12 Cantwell lauds small business loans at WA brewery
10.11.12 Sen. Cantwell helps open new Georgetown brewing facility
10.11.12 Save the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund
10.11.12 Saboteurs of Wall Street reform count on indifferent public
10.11.12 Cantwell, 9 other senators want banks' foreclosure records revealed
10.11.12 "Cantwell & Larsen Will Support National Conservation Area"
10.11.12 Local firms push aviation biofuels in the other Washington
10.11.12 New radar will boost tracking of storms nearing Washington's coast
10.11.12 Cantwell: Judge has spoken on Columbia R. salmon
10.11.12 Cantwell: Country can’t grow if it only cuts
10.11.12 Arctic drilling approval pokes holes in good policy
10.11.12 Chimps on the rise at Cle Elum sanctuary
10.11.12 Washington farmers sought for camelina fuel crop
10.11.12 Cantwell urges farmers to sign up to grow jet fuel crop
10.11.12 New Plant Could Be Next Money Crop For Farmers
10.11.12 Cantwell stumps in Vancouver to preserve tax credit program
10.11.12 Boeing 787 certification hinged on molding technology
10.11.12 Feds hand bank $18 million to boost business
10.11.12 Snohomish County Receives Funds to Fight Child Prostitution
09.21.12 Secretary of the Interior visits Hanford
09.21.12 Interior secretary tours Hanford B Reactor
09.21.12 Cantwell: Hero in book on Obama heavies
09.21.12 Murray, Cantwell hail end of Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell
09.21.12 Maria Cantwell Hails End of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": "Long Road to Victory"
09.21.12 National Conservation Area for the San Juans in congressional hands
09.21.12 Editorial: Park idea for Hanford deserving of support
09.21.12 New law to benefit state's foster care program
09.21.12 Spokane Airport receives $950,000 for nonstop service to LA
09.21.12 Grant awarded to help attract nonstop LA flight
09.21.12 Sen. Cantwell to declare coastal radar operational
09.21.12 Cantwell, Dicks at radar dedication
09.21.12 State-of-the-art Doppler radar will help predict Washington's coastal weather
09.20.12 Largest in U.S., Pacific Northwest smart grid gets funding
09.20.12 Cantwell says freight transport bill will help unclog freight bottlenecks
09.20.12 Sen. Cantwell to tout bill aimed at speeding freight
09.20.12 Battelle gets green light for Smart Grid project
09.20.12 Biofuel research at UW and WSU to help power the economy
09.20.12 Smart grid project to create 500 Wash. jobs
09.20.12 Murray, Cantwell tout $30 billion small business-lending bill
09.20.12 In Our View: In the Right Place
09.20.12 Cantwell calling for primate protection from experiments
09.20.12 PubliColaTV: Cantwell touts Unemployment Insurance Extension at Seattle YWCA
09.20.12 Cantwell, Murray plan to sponsor bill to extend rural schools act
09.20.12 Ill Hanford workers can access exposure database
09.20.12 Cantwell Applauds Senate Passage of FTA
09.20.12 Financial reform: Cantwell’s victory lap
09.20.12 Cantwell touts alternative energy during visit to Pomeroy
09.20.12 Washington potatoes, apples, cherries to get boost from trade deals
09.20.12 Cantwell pushes small-business lending program
09.20.12 Senator Cantwell talks small business in Yakima
09.20.12 Cantwell goes to bat for small businesses
09.20.12 A local approach to solving problems with foreign aid
09.20.12 UPDATE: Cantwell, Murray, Air Washington unveil new program to train 2,600 workers for aerospace job needs
09.20.12 Strengthening Washington's dominance over aerospace
09.20.12 Sen. Cantwell pushes for more oil-spill preparedness
09.20.12 NW leaders calling for changes in oil cleanup technology
09.20.12 Aerospace training in state gets $20 million boost from federal grant
09.20.12 Cantwell Announces Plans for New Oil Spill Legislation
09.20.12 Cantwell says she supports final financial regulation legislation
09.20.12 Senators in West Seattle to announce job-training program
09.20.12 Aerospace Skills Training Program
09.20.12 Cantwell to oil companies: Respond or else
09.20.12 Cantwell will vote for financial reform bill
09.20.12 Murray, Cantwell send letter to BPA
09.20.12 Bill Represents Major Action by U.S. Senate to Help Puget Sound
09.20.12 Cantwell: Energy bill coming, but how strong?
09.20.12 Cantwell promotes aerospace jobs
09.20.12 Red tape to get low-power FM radio licenses should end
09.20.12 Boeing tanker deal crucial to small businesses
09.20.12 Big oil loses: Senate rejects EPA curb
09.20.12 New bill passes Senate allowing eight local ski areas to expand operations of summer activities
09.20.12 Cantwell calls aerospace, small business crucial
09.20.12 Cantwell seeks federal action on Asian clams found in Whatcom County waters
09.20.12 Cantwell pushes for aerospace training, financial reforms
09.20.12 Cantwell: 22,000 in San Juan and Island Counties to get social security increase in 2012
09.20.12 Cantwell: Aerospace, small business crucial for state's recovery
09.20.12 U.S. senators seek new study of deadly salmon virus
09.20.12 Year Round Ski Resort Recreation
09.20.12 Cantwell promotes small-business loan fund
09.20.12 High-Tech Radar System Coming To Coast
09.20.12 Salmon anemia – threat to NW resource
09.20.12 Senator Cantwell at Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton
09.20.12 Sen. Cantwell Defends Vote to Prolong Debate on Finance Reform
09.20.12 Cantwell votes no, says bill insufficient
09.20.12 “There Was No Maneuvering on My Part.”
09.20.12 Cantwell Votes With Liberal Democrats to Delay Banking Reform
09.20.12 Cantwell key in stalled bank-overhaul vote
09.20.12 Cantwell bucks Democrats on financial reform vote
09.20.12 Battle still simmers over preserving, promoting St. Helens
09.20.12 Gulf spill exposing cracks in oil industry
09.20.12 West Coast senators seek ban on Pacific offshore drilling
09.20.12 State?s senators urge ban on offshore drilling
09.20.12 Cantwell, Murray want Wash. coast oil drilling ban
09.20.12 New fish farm pitched off Clallam County waters
09.20.12 Ban oil drilling off West Coast, senators say
09.20.12 Maria Cantwell, Grilling BP Exec, Shows How to Stick It to the Fat Cats
09.20.12 Report adds to doubts about key oil rig safety equipment
09.20.12 Cantwell’s Coast Guard Authorization Bill, Including Oil Spill Prevention Measures, Passes Senate
09.20.12 Senate OKs oil spill protection bill
09.20.12 Senate approves Coast Guard spending bill
09.20.12 Cantwell wants more money to screen ill Hanford workers
09.20.12 U.S. Senate approved investigation and response plan for virus outbreak in British Columbia salmon
09.20.12 Cantwell hammers away on derivatives as showdown nears
09.20.12 US Senate Hearings Focus On Finding More Aerospace Workers
09.20.12 After WaMu, Cantwell sees hints of reform
09.20.12 Senator's plan tackles E. Wash. physician shortage
09.20.12 Boeing employs 80,000; many more workers needed soon
09.20.12 Health care reform may ease shortage of local physicians
09.20.12 Cantwell, doctors say reform may ease physician pinch
09.20.12 Congress to hear input on Mount St. Helens management
09.20.12 U.S. Senate approves rapid response to fish-killing virus
09.20.12 Green ski slopes
09.20.12 Support for Vancouver's port
09.20.12 Cantwell outlines job-promotion efforts
09.20.12 UPDATE: Sen. Cantwell: Don’t leave aerospace up in air
09.20.12 In Our View: Helping People Fly
08.14.12 Navy looks to use more biofuel
08.14.12 Plenty of Navy work, but no more ships for Kitsap
08.14.12 Finance Tax Extenders Deal Serves as ‘Dress Rehearsal’ for Full Reform
08.14.12 Senate panel Oks deduction for sales tax payments
08.14.12 Senate deal would extend IRS sales tax deduction
08.14.12 Senate committee agrees to revive sales-tax deduction for Washington residents
08.14.12 Free trade lifts cherry sales to Korea
08.14.12 U.S. producers to benefit from trade deals, official says
08.14.12 Cherry exports double
08.14.12 State exports more cherries to South Korea
08.14.12 Boeing to Senate panel: more trained workers, more federal help needed
08.14.12 Tribes discuss climate change
08.14.12 Clallam gets grant for two drug detectives
08.14.12 Cantwell urges WSDOT assessment of coal terminals’ effect on transportation
08.14.12 Boeing gets ready for stiff competition from overseas
08.14.12 Cantwell: As work force retires, who will build Boeing’s planes
08.14.12 Spokane physician proposes changes
08.14.12 Farm Bill Benefits For Washington
08.14.12 Cantwell On Farm Bill
08.14.12 Local fruit industry experts applaud Farm Bill passage
08.14.12 Cantwell leads bill to elevate B Reactor’s National Park status
08.14.12 Cantwell touts farm bill as a fruitful investment during Selah visit
08.14.12 Sen. Maria Cantwell visits Richland to talk Hanford B Reactor park bill
08.14.12 Hanford's B Reactor Could Help Remember History, Spur Economy
08.14.12 Our crops rise in farm bill fracas
08.14.12 525 new U.S. citizens sworn in at Seattle Center
08.14.12 Senate panel urged to create park honoring Manhattan Project veterans
08.14.12 Bill would save lookout in Glacier Peak Wilderness
08.14.12 OEA awards $50 million grants for JBLM schools
08.14.12 In Our View: Farm Bill Applauded
07.18.12 Murray, Cantwell tout Seattle as space-shuttle stop
07.18.12 SCC Spearheading Statewide Aerospace Training Initiative
07.18.12 Protect wild salmon stocks from industrial fish farms
06.26.12 Tsunami debris a reminder of disaster’s toll on lives
06.26.12 Scrapping the Polar Sea stopped while lawmakers search for budgetary icebreaker
06.26.12 Chickpeas and lentils may get farm bill boost
06.26.12 Bipartisan effort leads to Senate approval of farm bill
06.26.12 Tri-Cities benefit from farm bill
06.26.12 Local farmers to reap benefits, deal with cuts
06.26.12 Farm Bill could affect Palouse ‘pulse’ growers
06.26.12 FEMA grant to save Tacoma firefighters’ jobs
06.26.12 Cantwell, Murray to regulators: Get tougher on banks
06.26.12 North Spokane corridor wins $10 million grant
06.26.12 Spokane farmer appointed to national dairy board
06.26.12 Hanford B Reactor park bill in Senate
06.26.12 Plan to dismantle Polar Sea icebreaker put on hold for now
06.25.12 State must prepare aerospace workers of the future
06.25.12 Sen. Cantwell wants U.S. to confirm salmon virus
06.25.12 A West Coast salmon epidemic: Get ahead of it, and get Canada off its behind
06.25.12 Plan of action must be in place to battle salmon virus
06.18.12 Friday Harbor's Roy H. Matsumoto, WWII Nisei Veteran, receives Nation's Highest Civilian Honor
06.18.12 Cantwell wants plan for floating Japan debris
06.18.12 Senators: Don't trust Canada, U.S. must test for salmon virus.
06.18.12 Cantwell congratulates WWII Nisei veterans on receiving nation's highest civilian honor; Auburn's Takehara among those honored
06.18.12 WWII Japanese-American soldiers’ service honored
06.18.12 Sen. Cantwell calls for US test to confirm Pacific salmon virus
06.15.12 B-Reactor close to becoming National Historic Park
06.07.12 Cantwell wants investigation of refinery operators over gas prices
06.07.12 Cantwell seeks probe of West Coast gas prices after Cherry Point fire
06.06.12 Debris from Japanese tsunami a threat to NW jobs, Cantwell says
06.06.12 Infectious salmon anemia: Getting the jump on a disease of 'devastating quickness'
06.06.12 More than 3,000 turn out for Auburn's vaunted Veterans Day parade
06.06.12 Anxiety up as more salmon virus found in B.C.
06.06.12 2 parties' icebreaker plans on collision course
06.05.12 Deadly virus in salmon detected in new area of British Columbia
06.05.12 UPDATE: Two of our Coast Guard vessels on thin ice
06.05.12 U.S. must have plan to deal with huge debris field from Japan
06.05.12 Cantwell urges TSA to help close railway security gaps
06.05.12 Unattended Trains A Potential Threat To Spokane Area
06.05.12 Congress can protect two of Washington's treasures
06.05.12 Feds: Protect pristine lands in San Juan Islands
06.05.12 Ascent of a Woman
06.05.12 Protect America's natural treasure in Alaska's Arctic
06.05.12 Cantwell: Wash. state exports to benefit from overseas trade deals
06.04.12 Senate passes Ex-Im bank bill, will help Boeing exports
06.04.12 Export-Import Bank reauthorization passes Senate, to Obama next
06.04.12 Congress extends Ex-Im – Big bleepin’ deal for Boeing
06.04.12 Export-Import Bank Reauthorization: Senate Votes to Renew Charter
06.04.12 Alaska wins approval for new nonstop between Portland and D.C.’s Reagan National
06.04.12 Broad Coalition of Senators Pushes Farm Bill
06.04.12 Cantwell: Portland-to-D.C. route an economic opportunity
06.04.12 Cantwell Says Grant Would Give Needed Boost for North Spokane Corridor
06.04.12 Cantwell, mayor tour portion of North Spokane Corridor
06.04.12 DOT announces long-distance Reagan airport flights included in FAA bill
06.04.12 Direct flights will start between PDX and Washington D.C.
06.04.12 Senators Urge Regulators to Act on Speculative Trading Limits
06.04.12 Delegation makes pitch for new air tankers at Fairchild AFB
06.04.12 Lawmakers Express Frustration Over Lack of Plan to Handle Tsunami Debris
06.04.12 Cantwell gets answers from NOAA at tsunami debris hearing
06.04.12 Local businesses relieved after Ex-Im Bank reauthorization
06.04.12 U.S. Senate takes up issue of Japanese tsunami debris
06.04.12 U.S. lacks comprehensive plan to deal with tsunami debris, panel told
06.04.12 U.S. not ready for Japan tsunami debris
06.04.12 Tsunami debris arriving to waves of uncertainty
06.04.12 Bristol Bay salmon: EPA lists what a big mine could do
06.04.12 EPA warns major mining would pose a threat to Alaska salmon
06.04.12 Editorial: Let’s not be caught flat-footed
06.04.12 Coastal communities question tsunami debris cleanup policies
06.04.12 Can Bristol Bay salmon survive big mine? EPA sets hearing
06.04.12 Influential voices line up for Green Mountain lookout
06.04.12 Cantwell, Inslee lead effort to protect roadless forests
06.04.12 Seattle hearing on impact of proposed Alaska mine
06.04.12 Cantwell warns seniors, low income could lose heating aid
06.04.12 Fate of Bristol Bay fishery: It matters here
06.04.12 Heating assistance at risk in federal bill
06.04.12 Sen. Cantwell against Alaska’s Pebble Mine, threat to salmon
06.04.12 Congress clashes over heating bill funding, homes in Spokane could lose support
06.04.12 Senator Joins in Push for US Freight Plan
06.04.12 Senator Asks DOT to Create Freight Initiative
06.04.12 Washington Senator Addresses Heating Cuts
06.04.12 Washington fishermen oppose Pebble mine
06.04.12 Dem Senator urges national freight initiative
06.04.12 WA Fishermen protest mining plans for Alaska’s Bristol Bay
06.04.12 Lawmakers must stand firm on heating aid
06.04.12 Seattle packs EPA Hearing on Alaska’s proposed Pebble Mine
06.04.12 Senate Approves Extension of Export-Import Bank
06.04.12 Cantwell irked by unpublished salmon virus study
06.04.12 Still a threat, but tsunami debris 'invisible'
06.04.12 Alarm over unguarded trains spreads to Washington, D.C.
06.04.12 Raise a glass to Washington's wine industry
06.04.12 A 'smoking salmon' report: Was deadly fish virus detected years ago?
05.31.12 Canada kept detection of salmon virus secret
05.09.12 Get vaccinated against whooping cough
05.07.12 Officials Request Assistance as Whooping Cough Epidemic Continues
05.07.12 State to get CDC help against whooping cough epidemic
05.07.12 Sen. Cantwell asking for CDC help in whooping cough epidemic
05.04.12 Calls for CDC for help with state whooping cough epidemic
05.01.12 Alliance pitches Kitsap County’s aerospace potential to Cantwell
05.01.12 Tsunami debris coming, time to act: Senators
05.01.12 Senate: Big win for anti-violence bill
05.01.12 Moses Lake boy rubs shoulders with lawmakers
05.01.12 Cantwell announces plan to protect Washington shellfish jobs
05.01.12 Reflections on the 2nd Anniversary of the Gulf Oil Spill | Guest Column
05.01.12 Cantwell works on potato politics
05.01.12 Sen. Cantwell visits Olympic College to promote Air Washington grant
05.01.12 In Our View: The Skies Are Full of Jobs
05.01.12 Summer program envisioned as eventual pathway to aviation careers
05.01.12 A salute for Coast Guard icebreaker Healy and its meritorious service
05.01.12 Export-Import Bank at the mercy of Congress
05.01.12 Cantwell pushes for more aerospace workers in visit to Kitsap
05.01.12 Facebook moves Seattle office, continues growing
05.01.12 Federal aid to help 570 K-C mill employees find work
05.01.12 Community Health Care breaks ground for Hilltop health center
05.01.12 Bank bill key to aerospace jobs, senators warn
05.01.12 Conservation effort gets county council boost
05.01.12 Cantwell touts Export-Import Bank
05.01.12 Clallam library system, state senator named ‘science champions'
05.01.12 'Ghost ship' just the beginning of tsunami debris impact
05.01.12 Port of Vancouver after 100 years
05.01.12 Sen. Maria Cantwell in Bingen
05.01.12 Senator Cantwell touring Insitu today
05.01.12 Editorial: Ex-Im Bank renewal should be automatic
05.01.12 Senator talks up Ex-Im Bank during Yakima manufacturer tour
05.01.12 Senator Touring Yakima Plant To Urge Extension of Jobs Program
05.01.12 Cantwell pushing for Export-Import Bank reauthorization
05.01.12 Cantwell Tours Business In Yakima
05.01.12 Sen. Cantwell visits Yakima music stand company
05.01.12 Don't imperil U.S. exports
05.01.12 Senator seeks support for bank extension
05.01.12 $1.3M grant to benefit Hanford workers who were laid off
05.01.12 Cantwell, Murray push passage of broader domestic-violence bill
05.01.12 Murray and Cantwell: Republicans Threaten to Kill VAWA
05.01.12 'It's changed my life': Combat vets praise new program
05.01.12 Smaller tsunami debris expected to drift to Washington's shores
05.01.12 Senators Call For Emergency Research Of Tsunami Debris
05.01.12 Cantwell, Begich: Plan now for tsunami debris
05.01.12 Cantwell, Begich: Plan now for tsunami debris
05.01.12 Oil subsidies stay as GOP blocks Senate repeal
05.01.12 Gregoire and Cantwell Continue to Support Sales Tax Deduction
05.01.12 Protect Public lands in the San Juans (and elsewhere) for future generations
05.01.12 West Coast sees more Japanese tsunami debris
05.01.12 Congress must enact protections for sex-trafficking victims
05.01.12 What Gender Gap? Washington State Has a History of Women Who Lead
05.01.12 Japanese fishing boat from tsunami spotted off British Columbia
05.01.12 Japanese fishing vessel swept away by tsunami found off Canadian coast
05.01.12 Japanese fishing boat lost at sea in tsunami found off Canada
05.01.12 Northwest could be development hub for aviation biofuels
05.01.12 Senate holds hearing on protection for San Juans' public lands
04.30.12 Rolling back the clock on women's health
04.30.12 Editorial: Congress can help keep U.S. competitive with bank aid
04.30.12 Boeing could be loser in fight over Export-Import Bank
04.30.12 Sen. Maria Cantwell: Export-Import Bank crucial for Boeing, other Washington exporters
04.30.12 Women’s Work is Never Done
04.30.12 Cantwell “Furious” At GOP Opposition to Violence Against Women Act
04.30.12 State businesses hail end of Korea tariffs
04.30.12 No Senate stalling on domestic violence: Cantwell
04.30.12 Senators Cantwell, Murray fight to save women's bill
04.30.12 Chamber SVP discusses job creation, economic development with U.S. Senators
04.30.12 Garrett Participates In Senate Roundtable On Jobs In African-American Community
04.30.12 Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami: remembrance, preparedness and rebuilding
04.30.12 End annual guessing game
04.30.12 Mid-Columbia is natural choice for more biofuels
04.30.12 Quileutes: Out of tsunami’s way
04.30.12 Officials still looking at making local lands federally protected
04.30.12 Obama signs bill to move Quileute tribe out of tsunami zone
04.30.12 Hotakainen: Obama OKs park-land transfer to Quileute tribe
04.30.12 Canadian gov. defends actions in dustup over salmon virus
04.30.12 Leaders want funds for Puyallup flood study
04.30.12 S. Korea trade pact could aid Walla Walla farms
04.30.12 Senator visits Tri-Cities to talk about biofuel research
04.30.12 Cantwell calls for biofuels center at WSU Tri-Cities
04.30.12 Cantwell, Reichert: State will benefit when Korean trade pact takes effect in March
04.30.12 Wash. delegation seeks U.S. funds for Puyallup River flood study
04.30.12 After long wait, Tacoma veteran gets Purple Heart
04.30.12 Sen. Cantwell urges China to allow import of Washington pears
04.30.12 President to sign land deal to protect Quileute Tribe from tsunami
04.30.12 Murray, Cantwell at ramparts — green voter group
04.30.12 Quileutes' land transfer gets Congress' OK
04.30.12 Obama might sign Quileute higher-ground bill this week; tribe ready to make moving plans
04.30.12 'Twilight' tribe wins land transfer for tsunami protection
04.30.12 Editorial: Sales tax deduction critical for consumers
04.30.12 Quileute higher ground legislation passes Senate, heads for presidential signature
04.30.12 Senate gives final OK to plan to transfer U.S. park land to Quileute tribe
04.30.12 Final OK for U.S. park land transfer to Quileutes
04.30.12 Bill means shorter flights, less waiting at Sea-Tac
04.30.12 Make state sales-tax deduction permanent
04.30.12 Cantwell: FAA bill will benefit Sea-Tac
04.30.12 Senate OKs FAA bill
04.30.12 FAA Bill
04.30.12 U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell helps kill latest Arctic drilling plan
04.30.12 House approves land swap for tribe
04.30.12 FAA bill could bring jet fuel research center to Tri-Cities
04.30.12 Congress passes bill reauthorizing FAA spending
04.30.12 In Our View: Eight States Need Tax Fairness
04.30.12 Cantwell continues the fight to protect sales tax deductions
04.30.12 Panel urges handling Hanford waste
04.30.12 Murray, Cantwell urge Komen to reconsider on Planned Parenthood
04.30.12 Farmers in San Juan county eligible for federal disaster support
04.30.12 WA: 15 counties are primary natural disaster areas
04.30.12 Disaster aid available for 2011 crops
04.30.12 VIDEO: Cantwell's push for ports includes tour of Lampson
04.30.12 Federal act will help Washington state keep children safe, families together
04.30.12 The privacy bill: Web activists trump Hollywood
04.30.12 Cantwell co-sponsors alternative to PIPA
04.30.12 Internet's dark day: Anti-piracy bills take a beating
04.30.12 Obama: right on recess consumer appt.: Cantwell
04.30.12 Cantwell touts freight bill at Port of Vancouver
04.30.12 Sen.Cantwell in Vancouver to push Freight Act
04.30.12 Cantwell wants to modernize freight transportation infrastructure
04.30.12 Senator Cantwell Visits Tri-Cities
04.30.12 Campaign begins to get KC-46A based at Fairchild
04.30.12 Campaign begins to land new tankers at Fairchild
04.30.12 Cantwell says state must groom homegrown aerospace talent
04.30.12 Sen. Cantwell on aviation jobs: 'People in Yakima should feel pretty proud'
04.30.12 Sen. Cantwell tours local aviation manufacturing facility
04.30.12 More Investment Needed for Washington's Aerospace Industry
04.30.12 Guest opinion: Keeping tax credit is key to wind projects
04.30.12 Brucellosis testing for cattle in Wash. is reduced
04.30.12 Government needs to take it slow in mortgage case
04.30.12 Update: Review mining plan near volcano, Cantwell says
04.30.12 Cantwell to AG Holder: Don’t bow to banks
04.30.12 Leaders promote Fairchild as ideal site for new tankers
04.30.12 Most tsunami debris must be removed from the ocean by hand
04.30.12 Boeing union approves groundbreaking pact
04.30.12 Senators join fight to free UW grad held in Nicaragua
04.30.12 737 MAX stays in Renton under Boeing, union agreement
04.30.12 Budget, tax credits lead agendas of region’s lawmakers
04.30.12 Boeing surprise good for workers, company and state
03.30.10 State Hopes To Get Federal Funds For Popular Basic Health Plan
03.30.10 U.S. plan a 'win' for state Health Reform: $180 million may come in '11
03.28.10 Murray, Cantwell cheered at health reform rally
03.28.10 State’s health care ideas hit big time in Cantwell's hands
03.25.10 ‘Cap and Trade’ Loses Its Standing as Energy Policy of Choice
03.25.10 Senator Bids to Ease Tensions Over Competing Climate Bills
03.10.10 Cantwell: Boeing tanker deal worth 12K Washington state jobs
03.02.10 Toyota to release 'black box' data in fatal Bellingham crash
03.01.10 Washington NoaNet getting $84M in broadband stimulus funds
02.24.10 Carbon Pricing Sticks Out as Senate Climate Bill's Main Obstacle
02.22.10 Cantwell's fight against 'financial weapons of mass destruction' essential to avoid new collapse
02.21.10 Cantwell's relentless pursuit: taming big finance
02.21.10 Loan program burdened by success
02.19.10 Community Banks Want TARP Money
02.19.10 Cantwell Fights For Community Banks
02.18.10 Cantwell Holds Listening Session With County Commissioners
02.17.10 Cantwell aims to energize green jobs creation
02.17.10 Cantwell seeks aid for small banks
02.17.10 Cantwell to Push for More Money for WA Small Businesses
02.16.10 Is the Treasury Secretary Doing a Good Job?
02.16.10 Cantwell-Collins Bill Generates Lobbying Frenzy
02.04.10 A refreshing dose of honesty
02.03.10 Cantwell to banks:  Loan, don't gamble
01.28.10 Washington state gets $590 million for rail
01.19.10 NOAA dispatches high-tech research plane to improve storm forecasts benefiting Washington state, and the Winter Olympics
01.18.10 Lawmakers urge fixes in Medicare reimbursement Health Bill: State's been shorted, they say
01.10.10 Cantwell takes on Wall Street fat cats
01.10.10 State's coast gets weather radar system
01.06.10 LCC will share in federal funds to train for 'green jobs'
01.04.10 Maria Cantwell, MVP
12.28.09 Asarco tale shows need for bankruptcy safeguards
12.20.09 Cantwell, McCain see chance to rebuild
12.18.09 Washington Kids Win With Almost $7.5M Bonus for State’s CHIP Program
12.17.09 McCain, Cantwell sponsor bank bill
12.16.09 Cantwell irked with NOAA
12.11.09 Cantwell to propose 'cap and rebate' energy bill
12.10.09 Senators Offer New Climate Proposals
12.03.09 Sen. Cantwell on Afghanistan: It's The Economy Stupid
12.02.09 Cantwell: Stabilize Afghanistan, don’t stay
12.02.09 NOAA move to Oregon from South Lake Union on hold
12.02.09 Financial Reform Debate May Influence Future of Climate Bill
12.01.09 Lawmakers speak out about Lakewood police shooting on Senate floor
11.28.09 Senator seeks to use gambling laws to rein in Wall Street
11.25.09 Health-Care Deal Breaker
11.24.09 Washington state will get big chunk of “smart grid” money
11.24.09 Big demand, grim outlook for state Basic Health Plan
11.24.09 Cantwell Will Vote Against Any Health Insurance Reform Bill That Limits Abortion Funding
11.24.09 Cantwell on health reform: Empower states
11.21.09 Kitsap Congressmen Unsure Health Care Reform Can Reach the Finish Line
11.04.09 Senator Cantwell Secures Rain Gauges for Green River Valley